Evidence of The Human Aura & Energy Fields

Russian scientist Dr. Konstantin Korotkov is trying to convince people they can change the world simply by using their own energy. He says that thinking in a certain way can have a positive or negative effect on the surrounding environment.

“We are developing the idea that our consciousness is part of the material world and that with our consciousness we can directly influence our world,” said Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, a professor of physics at St. Petersburg State Technical University.

To bridge our understanding of the unseen world of energy, scientific experiments are being carried out using a technique called bioelectrophotography, based on the fact that we are constantly emitting energy, which was also discovered by Dr. Bruce Lipton in his work on Epigenetics. Bioelectrophotography aims to capture these energy fields seen as a light around the body or what some people would call your aura.

Here is a picture of the human bio-energy field after meditation taken using Kirlian photography. 

Kirlian photography is a collection of photographic techniques used to capture the phenomenon of electrical discharges all living organisms emit.

The human Aura is an energy field of 7 Layers that surrounds and goes through the physical body in an egg shape or bubble of spiritual light, colour, sound, feelings and Life Energy. These are also the teaching of yogis and gurus through out the ages, it is interesting to see how similar these new scientific discoveries are starting to coincide with teachings of the spiritual leaders of old.

“A condition of health exists when each chemical in the physical body has the etheric chemical counterpart in the etheric body at the appropriate concentrations.” Dr. William Tiller, Stanford University

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