Following the Money: Who’s in Control?

Human beings are beginning to question the environment around them more so than ever before. Our capability to step outside of the box and observe events taking place on planet Earth from a neutral standpoint continues to increase at an exponential rate. Observing the entire Earth experience from an open mind has cleared the way for a change in perception, which has the potential to change our planet and the way we operate on it forever. Political, media, food, education, health, energy and financial industries are now under intense scrutiny as people continue to let go of fear, speak up and ask more questions. Can we really separate these industries if they are all operated by the same people? How can we separate the medical, food and pharmaceutical industries when they are all funded and headed by the same families and multinational organizations?  How can we disregard comments and research conducted from insiders that have turned to the side of truth? If cancer cures, clean energy technologies, and other information is being suppressed, who are the ones doing the suppressing and why? 

With all of the events and evidence manifesting on planet Earth right now, how can we not see truth? When one is kept in the dark for so long, it is not an easy process stepping into the light. If you are questioning what is happening here on Earth and within each one of these industries, you must be thinking who is there to question? Awakening to the fact that an elite group of people and the corporations they run have gained control of our major industries can be a bothersome experience, but an experience is all it is. All events on earth are an experience, in order to change the experience we no longer resonate with we must do it from a place of neutrality, love, cooperation, peace and understanding. Playing the blame game is useless. Our outer world is just a reflection of our inner world, and the key to change is becoming the change you want to see in the world. On the other hand, creating awareness and bringing transparency to how our world really operates is necessary, and can be done from a neutral standpoint without pointing any fingers. Who is behind the funding? Who is behind the money? Who controls the supply of money within these major industries that govern our planet, its resources and the beings that reside upon it?

Controlling the worlds industries and resources is done through finance, through controlling the source of money. We might find the answers we are looking for by examining these questions. Here is a clip from the recent documentary “Thrive” that explains where the money comes from, and who is in control of the system that so many are not resonating with.

“We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented” – The Truman Show

Credits:Arjun Walia, CollectiveEvolution, Guest contributors.

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