30 Beautiful Photographs of Fractals in Nature


Nature never ceases to amaze me…every day I come across something new that makes me appreciate the incredible design of this planet. Most of these 29 patterns are part of a group called “fractals.” You can find them across all sorts of natural phenomena, and you’ve probably held one in your hands before. They’re made from a single shape repeating itself over and over again. Zoom in on a smaller part, and it looks just like the wider view. They play out in spectacular ways throughout nature, and the results are seriously hypnotizing.

1. Romanesco Broccolinature1

2. Treesnature2

3. Snowflakesnature3

4. Cabbagenature4

5. Egypt from spacenature5

6. Leafnature6

7. Conch Shellnature7

8. Ice on glassnature8

9. Desert river bedsnature9

10. Stalactite Cavenature11

11. Nautilus Shellnature12

12. Aloe Plantnature13

13. Coral Polypsnature14


15. Peacock Feathersnature16

16. Snail Shellnature17

17. Lightningnature18

18. Woman Struck By Lightningnature19

19. Bismuth Crystalsnature20

20. Dragon’s Treenature21

21. Monkey Tree Flowernature22

22. Dragonfly Wingsnature23

23. Copper Crystalsnature24

24. Pineconenature25

25. Blood Vesselsnature26

26. Mountain Rangenature27

27. Neuronsnature28

28. Waterfallsnature29

29. Cloudsnature30

30. Bonus look at cabbagenature31

I think I have a newfound appreciation for nature.