Sofie McAdam, True Activist

Earlier this year, Oxfam released a shocking statistic on global wealth inequality and rising poverty: the wealth of the world’s 85 richest people is now equal to that of the world’s poorest 3.5 billion people. Most of us would fail to find anything positive in this alarming news, but most of us aren’t as filthy rich as Kevin O’Leary.

In an episode of The Lang and O’Leary Exchange, the Canadian venture capitalist gave an illuminating demonstration of how obscene wealth can cause an empathy deficit.

“This is fantastic news and of course I applaud it,” he proclaims to his open-mouthed co-host Amanda Lang. When she protests that an African living on a dollar a day wouldn’t share his opinion, O’Leary simply argues that Oxfam’s data should inspire the world’s poorest people to be the next Bill Gates. He goes on to say: “It’s a celebratory stat, I’m very excited about it,” and: “If you work hard, you might get stinking rich.”

What planet is this man living on?