Matty Smith is an extremely talented photographer that travels the world taking these amazing half submerged camera shots at various locations around the globe. And as you can see, the result of his obvious patience in finding the perfect angle for these photos to come out as they do is absolutely stunning.

In a submission of his work to the website Bored Panda, he says:

For me one of the most wondrous parts of any dive is the moment that the water engulfs my mask as my head slips below the surface. I think it’s the suspense of the unknown of what lies beneath, the transitional part of moving from one element to the next that feels so magical and the thought of what alien creatures I might encounter. That is what draws me to taking half over half underwater images. It’s maybe the best way I can communicate to a non-diver what it’s all about, to marry a wet and unfamiliar world with a dry and more familiar one.

I view my half over half underwater images as a landscape photograph. I undertake many location scouts with my snorkel gear on. Whilst doing the scouts I will take reference pictures so I can plan how to make my final image when a suitable location has been found. A final image in my portfolio is often a well-researched and planned affair.”

You can check out more of his work below:

Or for more info, please visit his website at

Physalia Physalis: Bushrangers Bay, NSW Australia

Smiling Assassin: American Crocodile, Jardines de la Reina, Cuba

A Silky Encounter 1 : Jardines de la Reina, Cuba

Ocean Rose: Bass Point, NSW Australia

Crimson Tide: Waratah Anemones, Port Kembla, NSW Australia

Bluebottle Army: Bluebottle cnidarian, Bushrangers Bay, NSW Australia

Your Move: American Crocodile, Jardines de la Reina, Cuba

A Silky Encounter 2: Jardines de la Reina, Cuba

A Shock of Blue: Bushrangers Bay, NSW Australia

Legal Immigrant: A Long Finned Eel, Botanical Gardens, Sydney