18 Questions that Adventure Right into the Paradigm Shift

If you haven’t caught up yet with the most mind-bending news of our age, humanity’s consciousness is shifting on many, many levels. The old paradigms of thinking are melting away and collectively we’re expanding our awareness to heights never before seen on such a wide planetary scale.

However, this is occurring within a cluster of dysfunction. That’s yin yang in action.

The minds of the masses are being divided. Poverty is increasing all over the globe. People are being displaced from their homes. Another global economic crisis looms on the horizon and our fellow man could even potentially engage in full-blown war. This all sounds beyond repair but there’s no need to fear; there’s a paradigm shift going on.

The following 18 questions can essentially be captured within the realization that our collective consciousness is undertaking its own evolution, as it always has. Our personal goal should be to align our own awareness with its most progressive aspects, as well as contribute to the changes in whatever unique way we can.

The answers to these questions are at times clear and at others ambiguous. Many are universal but others are personal. The facts continue to be uncovered as the illusion of time pretends to unfold, which means we have the opportunity to play the game of truth-or-dare, whilst having some fun too.

1. Educationwhat does true education look like for ourselves and our kids?

2. Behaviorwhy are materialistic, consumerist and individualistic practices damaging for the self and society as a whole, and how can we better care for ourselves and each other?

3. Intelligencewhat layers of intellect are there and how best to utilize them for ourselves and others?

4. Emotionshow can we manage our emotions so they no longer control our thoughts and actions?

5. Relationshipswhat are the essential virtues and qualities that we should look for in the people that we choose to be in our lives?

6. Philosophywhich beliefs are outdated and which align to the law of our heart and the universe?

7. Healthwhat are the toxins in medicine, food and water, what are healthy ways to live, and how can we bring our mind, body and spirit back into balance?

8. Spiritualitywhat is the rationality and intuition which reflects our interconnection with each other, and what are the energetic dimensions that we are operate in?

9. Sciencewhich information manifesting from what scientific disciplines has forced the transition to a post-materialist era of science?

10. Earthwhat practices are killing our natural systems and which alternatives can sustainably reverse this trend for the good of our environment?

11. Communitywhat have we lost through urbanization and how can we rebuild healthy and inclusive community centers?

12. Mediawho owns the matrix-media and what primary narratives do they force through lies, manipulation, omission and propaganda?

13. Geopoliticswhat are the shadow plays in geopolitical games of warfare?

14. Politicswhy do so many people feel disillusioned with our political system and how can we revive the death of macro-democracy?

15. Systemwhy aren’t the vast majority of people benefiting from the monetary system and what economic alternatives exist for the future health and wellbeing of all of humanity?

16. Governancewhat is the agenda of the shadow power brokers and how are they attempting to achieve it?

17. Allianceswho is part of the shadow war between authoritarianism and justice-for-all?

18. Societywhy is it important to transcend being a dormant agent of change and in what personal ways can we actively contribute to the necessary societal shifts?

These are the questions that are being asked in the awakening community. They rebel against the mainstream narratives that we have been born into, are conditioned by and drive our thinking and behavior.

When we adventure into the paradigm shift we uncover so much suffering, and so many revolutions. Makes perfect sense really. Yet these questions aren’t exactly new; for generations our inquisitive nature has always explored these paths, but due to the birth of the instantaneous internet of information they’re now beginning to be walked on an unprecedented scale.

The tipping point nears as a result.

Will it get worse before it gets better? Potentially; expect the unexpected. The reality is growth doesn’t come without sacrifice, so the next steps for humanity are anyone’s guess.

In any case, our energy is rising. Our vibration is refining. Our minds are enlightening. This is the time we were born to experience and the evolution we were born to create.


Phillip J Watt lives in Australia. He best identifies as a ‘self-help guide’. His written work deals with topics from ideology to society, as well as self-development. Follow him on Facebook or visit his website.