In Donald Trump’s latest speech in Florida he claims by default to be the leader of a movement to end the corrupt political establishment in the US.

Is this true? It’s a fair question, and so far all opinions are nothing but a guess.

He is certainly hitting the hearts of many, not just in America. Any person who has begun even a mediocre investigation into the reality of the current state of world affairs knows that the corporate media is a tool of ‘belief control’ which will not inform you of many truths, including that the US and many other governments have been hijacked by “global special interests”, as Trump puts it.

Put simply, the banksters and the corporate oligarchs have turned the system into a corporatocracy, where those with the money and power control the direction of governmental policy and procedure. In stride, the money supply, banking and a plethora of other vital public infrastructure have been stolen from the people and used to further enrich the thieves who took it from us.

This is why the tens of millions of people across the planet who have woken up to the disgraceful state of our social system are salivating when it comes to the potential of actual, real change. Many have already thrown their full support behind Trump – including many voices in the independent media – yet is this just playing into another divide and conquer strategy designed by the ruling class?

It might be, it might not. The powers-that-will-no-longer-be don’t deserve any extra credit, which is one reason why its not wise to assume anything at this stage. It may just be that the Donald is the real deal who is truly in this fight for the people of his country (and by default the rest of the world), but on the other hand he might be just another pawn in the game of global governance.

Now before I go on with how we’ll know for sure, let me just say for all the people who hate Trump because of whatever big word you’d like to use to describe him, is it based in truth or just some opinion you heard? Obviously the mainstream media are clearly colluding to destroy his character, so you can’t trust them, but even some of the independent media have been sucked onto the Trump hate-train.

We really can’t blame them though; Trump may have refined himself in recent months, but he did start off using language and an approach that concerned any heart-centered man or woman.

Now I’m not saying he isn’t without fault. As should be abundantly clear by now, I’m not a Trump fan, nor am I a Trump hater. I simply want what’s best for the people and the environment, and if a somewhat narcissistic and brainwashed person such as Trump is one man out of many who can help that cause, I like so many others, would like to know.

Here’s my disclaimer though: it’s not Trump or anyone else who’s going to save us from social and environmental destruction, only a united populace can do that. We always have the ultimate Trump card, with or without Donald, because we have the numbers. It really is that simple.

However, that doesn’t mean that individuals don’t play a role, so let’s consider in terms of action whether Trump really is an authentic man who aims to bring back some sort of life back to the dying freedom that the US once stood for.

Of course if he is serious in his stated agenda he couldn’t disclose his full strategy, otherwise it would put the ignorant offside. For example, one of his primary goals should be to implement massive electoral reform to ensure that the democrat/republican two party illusion of choice is dissolved so that independent candidates represent their electorate, and external money is removed from politics entirely.

Considering that he has been shunned by his own party I’m assuming that wouldn’t be too difficult for him, but would the millions of Americans who deeply identify with their party be okay with this?

Probably not. They’d have an immediate mid-life crisis in response.

So it’s understandable why Trump needs to be relatively quiet about certain things before he gets into office. That also includes the entire Israel/Zionist issue that is a high matter of importance among the truth-seekers. The other reality is that this guy is far from perfect and will not have all the answers, so we cannot expect him to touch on every area that is important to every person.

Regardless, there’s some pretty straight-forward paths that we need to take. If the Trump card is truly owned by the people, then Donald will have no problem with undertaking the following actions:

  • As mentioned, electoral reform needs to occur to bring some sort of democracy back to reality (see my previous article for a strategy put forward by ex-CIA officer Robert David Steele)
  • A systematic investigation into any laws and regulations which undermine the constitution;
  • A genuinely independent investigation into 911 and the role certain factions of the US government has in funding and supporting terrorist outfits such as ISIS;
  • Recreating an honest and debt-free money supply;
  • Disassemble the Federal Reserve;
  • End the socially destructive war on drugs (see my previous article if you’re ignorant as to why);
  • Investigate the sellout of science and medicine to the pharmaceutical monopolies; and
  • Massive banking, education, media and tax reforms.

Final Thoughts

I wouldn’t even bother writing this article if so many people weren’t supporting Trump, including many in the independent media. My hope is that any person or alternative media organization who supports him consider these issues before they truly believe he is a proponent of the revolution that has been bubbling beneath the surface for many decades.

Yet there are many people who write off any hope of using the system against itself. Given that many political and social revolutions have occurred innumerable times in our history, I wouldn’t be so quick to rule out someone like Trump actually bringing about some serious change. But once again – and I cannot emphasize this enough – the people have the ultimate Trump card, so don’t you forget it.

But getting back to the cartoon character of the Donald, as previously described it is understandable if he doesn’t touch on all the above issues prior to coming into office, that’s if he makes it. But if he does, the people need to hold him accountable according to these gold standards.

Anything less would be another false revolution.

In any case, Trump has positioned himself as the mouthpiece of the disenfranchised and struggling people of America. I want to once again make it clear that he still could be a tool of psy-opery employed by the very people that he verbally condemns, but if he isn’t, his recent speech in Florida on the 13th of October 2016 will go down as one of the greatest and courageous moves made by an individual to bring back some sort of sanity and honor to our fast-decaying world.

If he’s the real deal, JFK would be high-fiving his soul right now.

For your own research purposes, the embedded video is a five minute highlight of his speech. A link to the full speech is also included in its description.

Happy truth-seeking!

Much love,



Phillip J. Watt lives on the Mid North Coast of NSW Australia. His written and film work deals with topics from ideology to society, as well as self-development. Follow him on Facebook, watch his interviews with an array of inspiring guests at his YouTube Channel or visit his website.