In a couple days we will have a Full Moon that occurs on October 15 at 9:24pm PDT, and October 16 at 12:24am EDT. With the moon in Aries at that time, we can expect excitement, passion and social revolution to be just a few of the many themes active at that time.

This is also a rare and special “supermoon.” That means it will appear 14% bigger and shine 30% brighter than a regular apogee moon (where the moon’s orbit is the farthest distance from the earth.)


Aries is commonly known as the first sign in the zodiac. It likes to get up and get things done. It is fiery, it is passionate and bold. It blazes new trails and moves ahead without the masses’ approval. Aries is also all about excitement and new journeys and new ideas. Known as the innovator, Aries thoroughly enjoy creating anew.

What is happening in your life that needs new life and refreshment given to? What ideas are you thinking about that may now receive the extra boost of life to bring into manifestation? This supermoon in Aries asks you to consider where you can bring newness into your life and where you can add some more excitement into your routine.

Viva la revolución

This supermoon is also conjunct Uranus and Eris.Uranus is the planet of revolution, surprises, breakthroughs and is known as the awakener and liberator. Eris is the the spiritual warrior goddess, who will fight for an injustice, especially an injustice against the divine feminine. Eris, who sits at 21 degrees of Aries, represents the sabian symbol of “A boxer entering the ring.” According to astrologer Laura Walker of, the Eris point is a favorite for the “global elite.” Several false flags have been pulled off when the Eris point has been activated. It will come as no surprise that this full moon time period may be when another is attempted. However, with Uranus involved, who rules revolution and the awakening of humanity, any attempt for any black magic false flag ritual is likely to fail and backfire quickly.


On a personal level, with Uranus and Eris activated, surprises could now come forth that benefit you in exciting ways. It could also trigger some sort of personal breakthrough for you. What is it that you’re desiring to manifest? This moon could bring something unexpected and out of nowhere that ends up being even better than you’ve imagined.

Pluto Square Mercury

Pluto, which is the lord of the underworld and rules deep truth and deep transformation, squares Mercury. On a global level, this is calling for a shift and a deep change to the way the media is being used. Clearly, much propaganda is being spewed out on a daily basis, though with this aspect, some revelation or revelations that are paradigm-shifting could seek to reveal themselves. Wikileaks anyone?

Personally, take a look at where power and powerlessness issues arise. How do you communicate with others and in which ways can that be improved upon?


Overall, this is a very positive, but fiery supermoon. If tempers flare, continue to breath deep and get outside in nature. If possible, practice earthing as a way to soothe and calm down both your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Enjoy the ride and share with your friends!

Lance Schuttler graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree  in Health Science and does health coaching through his website  Orgonlight Health. You can follow the Orgonlight Health facebook  page or visit the website for more information and other inspiring  articles.