John Vibes

Author & Investigative Journalist

John Vibes is an author, researcher and investigative journalist who takes a special interest in the counter culture and the drug war.


Man Seeks Release From Prison 25 Years Into 60-Year Cannabis Sentence in a Legal State

"I can't die in here. For what? Some marijuana and some guns in a locked closet?...

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Bloomberg Hired Frye Festival

Bloomberg Hired Fyre Festival Marketing Team to Help Him “Look Cool” for Primaries

Mike Bloomberg hired Frye Festival promoters to make his campaign memes. Seriously...

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Citizen Journalist Goes Missing After Reporting About Coronavirus From Wuhan

His loved ones say that he was captured by the Chinese government....

New XBox Playstation 5

New Xbox and Playstation 5 Consoles Could Get Delayed by Coronavirus Shutdown

Nintendo recently announced that shipments of its Switch are being delayed due to ...

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Dream Hunt Donald Trump Jr.

Trophy Hunting Event Auctioning Week-Long ‘Dream Hunt’ With Donald Trump Jr.

The highest bid for the trip is currently $15,000 with two days remaining....

Chinese Doctor

Chinese Doctor Who Was Silenced for Warning About Coronavirus Has Died From the Virus

Wuhan Central Hospital has officially announced the death of whistleblower doctor ...

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Epstein Secret Bank Account

No One Knows Why Epstein’s Secret Bank Account Moved Millions Since His Death

Jeffrey Epstein's secret bank account suddenly came alive after his death....

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Pets Wuhan

Animal Lovers Break Into Homes to Save Pets During Wuhan Lockdown

It is a dangerous time for pets in China....