Leda is writer, speaker, journalist, singer, and Coach of the New Energy. She specializes in Add/HSP, twinsoul- and soulmate relationships, Karma cleansing, Regression-therapy, Personalized Meditations, Advisor, New Science, Anti-Aging programmes, sustainability, how to live in a healthy home, heart-activations and healing with new energetic tools. She is entrepeneur to guide towards a new global shift. She is a writer in the New energy: Her articles, writings and movies are activating energy- Giving new perspectives, Higher vibrations, Ancient and New knowledge. She tries to re-connect you with your inner voice- Heart wisdom and your true Unique Essence of Self-Mastery and Self-Love. So called ' New Energy;- As she calles her mission. Her website can be found at: www.enlighteningmedia.com Her Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Enlightening-Media-676731062453179/?fref=ts

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Self-Mastership: Become Your Own True Love

A relationship is never the answer to your loneliness. The feelings of emptiness, ...

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Cosmic Marriage: Why So Many Traditional Marriages Fail

Your true partner has already been decided; it is set above. It is already a commi...

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How Twin Souls Can Heal Each Other

By Leda De Zwaan Do you consider your partner your twin flame or twin soul? When ...