You gotta see this acceleration! 

Tesla has pretty much dispelled myths about electric cars being slow and underpowered with its electric Roadster released in 2008. But if any one still has doubts about just how powerful electric motors can be, check out the couple of (very) short videos below showing a prototype electric dragster with 1500 kilowatts of power.

The team behind this electric dragster aims to be the first to break 200 MPH in an EV. “Big Daddy” Don Garlits, now 82 years old, is behind the wheel. He was first to break 200 MPH in a dragster about 50 years ago.

Just a few days ago, the electric SR37 reached 184 MPH, a record for a EV. Garlits is aiming for 200 MPH next.

He’ll make the attempt at the wheel of Swamp Rat 37. It features a lithium-polymer battery made of four packs, two on each side of the car. Each pack holds 300 lithium polymer cells for a total of 1,200 cells, producing a maximum of 420V with a current of 3,600 amps. That rig provides juice to six 7.5-inch series-wound DC motors from GE. The whole setup produces produce 1,500 kilowatts — that’s just a bit more than 2,000 horsepower. More details about the SR37 electric dragster on Autopia.

Credits: Treehugger, where this was originally featured.