According to CCAD every week two anonymous intruders have been sneaking into classrooms on campus, leaving some cool chalkboard messages with the signature, #dangerdust.  It captured the attention of the students and are now shared far and wide through social media.

One of the students were lucky enough to get an interview with #dangerdust.

“It’s definitely a passion,” they agreed.

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“I think we’re tired of the computer, and [chalking] gives us motivation.”

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“I remember the first couple [chalkboards] we did, I didn’t think anything was going to happen, [but] people were like, ‘Yeah, I’ve seen that on Instagram!’”

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The two complete each masterpiece in one fell swoop (which can take up to 11 hours), usually working on Sunday or Monday nights in a vacant classroom. They choose a quote from a list compiled from Google searches and suggestions from friends, draw up a rough sketch, and then get to work using regular chalk (usually from the dollar store, they joked).

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“Every time we do it we try to make it look different from the last one,” they said. “We try to adopt the style of [whomever we’re quoting].”

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