Turn a Small Space Into a Big Harvest With These Awesome Vertical Gardens

Whether you want to grow veggies, herbs or flowers, gardening can be very rewarding. However sometimes your love for plants can be bigger than the available space.

If you’re looking for ways to maximize the space you have while growing a sustainable, resource-friendly garden, then you will find inspiration from these awesome vertical gardens!

Always a good idea to use fresh herbs.

vertical garden 3

Image: ewainthegarden.blogspot.com

vertical garden 12

Image squidoo.com

A shoe organizer


What a simple idea… Old gutters!

vertical garden 5Image: livetoeat.co.za

More gutter gardens

vertical garden 6Image: shelterness.com

vertical  garden 11Image: permies.com

vertical garden 7Image: hgtv.com

One way to recycle old plastic bottles

vertical garden 14Image: squidoo.com

Pyramid garden

vertical garden 9Image: inspiracionhechaamano.blogspot.com

This garden wall

vertical garden 10Image: apartmentprepper.com

vertical garden 13Image: Kara Stam

Share these awesome ideas with your friends and family.

Credits: trueactivist

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