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Reimagining The Way We Teach History



In this world that is so full of deception, finding the full truth is close to impossible. The propaganda machine is in full swing. The bought and paid for mainstream media outlets continue peddling lies and misinformation. Our so-called world leaders rally for freedom of speech while their war on dissent rages on. Everything is backwards. Civilians in Gaza are massacred by the State of Israel yet anyone who exposes these war crimes is deemed an Anti-Semite.

North Korea is accused of hacking Sony by the US Government and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, yet the US cannot produce any evidence of North Korea’s involvement.

Russia is accused of expanding its borders towards NATO when in reality it was NATO who expanded its own borders towards Russia.

There has been a war playing out before our very eyes for quite some time now – A psychological war where we, the people, are the target.

How are we supposed to teach our children what really happened in history when the official version of events is often a carefully constructed illusion put in place to further a political agenda?


It was Plato who said, ‘Those who tell the stories rule society.’ If we don’t radically change the way we teach this subject in schools, children will never learn to question the official narrative being shoved down our throats by our politicians and our mainstream press. A rethinking of the educational paradigm is necessary to put a stop to the manipulation of our minds.

Inquiry and investigative research should be at the heart of history class. Instead of teaching a single version of events as the truth, teachers should also look at alternative explanations for those events in history.

These alternative explanations should not be treated as alternative, but instead as accounts from a different perspective.

The teacher’s role in history class should be to briefly outline each version of events and then to provide the children with all the tools and resources necessary for them to investigate the evidence themselves. They will be encouraged to look at all the evidence from every angle – through newspaper articles, video footage, independent media outlets, witness testimony, government statements, leaked documents – anywhere that evidence can be gathered. Students will be told to weigh all the evidence and to reach their own conclusions, whatever those conclusions may be. That way they are never indoctrinated to believe someone else’s version of history, and are able to think critically every step of the way. It does not matter if children reach different conclusions – This is a good thing! It means that they are not prone to Orwellian groupthink mentality and have full mastery over their own minds.

In today’s socio-political climate, we cannot afford to blindly accept what we are being told by anybody. Whether that is our global leaders, our police forces, our whistle-blowers or our independent media – we need to give our children the ability to question all of it and to discern information through the process of investigation.

Our future depends on it…

About the Author

Will Stanton is an Australian writer, activist and teacher who has dedicated his life to changing the education system. He is about to release his book, Education Revolution, which looks at the current paradigm of education and proposes solutions to its many problems. In the book, he offers an entirely new model for global education which he calls The Six Dimension Model. Will could use your help to make the book a reality. He has started an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for publishing costs, and would love you to be a part of his mission. You can contribute to the campaign at: 

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