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Awaken Your Inner Healer – Healing Abilities Aren’t Just For Spiritual Teachers



You don’t need to be a spiritual teacher or a Reiki master to be a healer, you simply are one.

Saying you need a piece of paper or a following to be a healer is like saying you need a college degree to make money. Well people do say that, but if you believe you don’t need a degree to succeed, then you should also believe that you don’t need a status like some spiritual teachers have in order to awaken your healing abilities.

We are born with the power to heal, just like we are born with the ability to learn to read and write. We are born with the power to allow our healing abilities to come to fruition. That’s all you need, allowance. Classes and retreats will help you, they will guide you and open you up, maybe even faster because being surrounded by people who are already allowing their powers helps a lot, but it’s also not a necessity.

You have come here not to forever follow other healers, but to instead allow that of which you already are – a healer.

All you need is your touch and the ability to listen and you will instantly feel change, even relief.

Start with the chakras, the 7 energy centers in the body that spin energy from your personal energy field to the Universal energy field and vice versa. The whole body is infused with consciousness. Sometimes your chakras can get overloaded, imbalanced or stuck, but all you need to do is allow for a flow of your emotions and to become aware of your worries.

Sit or lie down, close your eyes, and rest your hand over each chakra, one at a time.

Root Chakra

Located at the base of your spine, associated with the color red, the element Earth and the key words ‘I have’: Ask yourself if you are feeling safe with yourself and in your environment. Are there changes that you could make to feel safer and more grounded? Maybe a different job or a different living arrangement? Maybe it’s money issues or the cleanliness of your home/car? The answer will come to you easily and effortlessly if you allow it.

Sacral Chakra

Located two fingers width below your bellybutton, is associated with the color orange, the element water, and the key words ‘I want’: This is where we store our emotions and even emotions of others if we have allowed them into our field. Ask yourself if you’re feeling sad, angry, lonely, or afraid. Are you feeling fulfilled in your life, creatively and sexually? Are you refraining from sex or having loads of it because you don’t feel good enough? Are you harboring all your emotions because you don’t allow yourself time to get quiet and feel them? Remember you are worthy.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Located in-between bellybutton and ribcage, associated with the color yellow, the element fire, and the key words ‘I can’: Have you ever heard the saying, ‘you’ve got fire in your belly?’ This energy center is where your power comes from, when your hands are resting here, ask yourself if your confidence has been lacking or over-worked, there’s a need for balance with each chakra. Are you hiding your bright light because you don’t want it to shine into other people’s eyes or are you shining it so brightly for the purpose of outshining another?

Heart Chakra

Parallel to the heart/center of the chest, associated with the color green, the element air, and the words, ‘I love’: As you might imagine, this is where you feel unconditional love, where the giving and receiving of loving energy flows. It is the link between the lower chakra and the upper chakra, linking mind, body, and soul. Ask yourself if you’re loving yourself and others as deeply as you can or if there is anything blocking you or bringing up deep feelings of fear and sadness. It starts with you because everyone else is a merely a reflection of the love you have for yourself. Do you need to cook more healthy foods, spend more time with yourself in a bubble bath or with your kids at the park? What brings you joy and feelings of warmth? Do it for the love of it. Relationships and healing past traumas might take time, be gentle with yourself.

Throat Chakra

At the throat, associated with the color light blue, sound, and the words, ‘I speak’: Ask yourself if there is anything you’re keeping inside. Any secrets that you need to share, any moments where you haven’t said something to stand up for yourself, or have you held in your thoughts out of fear? Start with writing in a journal, maybe writing a letter that if inappropriate for any reason doesn’t actually have to be sent. Become aware of the words that are still stuck in your throat and you’ll begin to notice when you swallow them. Speaking your truth might take time and practice, be patient with yourself.

Third-Eye Chakra

Between the eyebrows on forehead, associated with color indigo the element of light, and the words, ‘I see’: Rest your hands here and envision the opening of a flower. This is your intuition, where all the answers to the questions you have been asking come from, your Higher Self, your guidance. If you would like to see and hear more, allow this flower to open further. Focus on the space between your eyebrows when your eyes are closed, like as if you’re seeing through it because you are.

Crown Chakra

Top of the head, associated with the color violet, thought, and the words ‘I know’: This is your direct connection to source, your link to the Universe, higher consciousness and spiritual insight. You’ve been allowing that direct connection through this whole chakra healing session you’ve preformed on yourself. You’ve allowed the light and love in and you’ve healed yourself. The Universe has your back bedside you have your own back and you are the Universe.

In today’s world we are continuously looking outside of ourselves for healing, be it doctors, friends, parents, or lovers. Growing up mom kissed your boo-boo to make it feel better, your boyfriend gave you a kiss to make you feel better, and your best friend gave you a hug to make you feel better. I understand the benefits and necessities of human touch and affection, but you don’t need it to heal yourself, you don’t need outside validations to know you’re okay.

Then as an adult, in the spiritual world, teachers started leading you through a healing meditations or Reiki. You got massages or card readings and these are all great things that are usually extremely beneficial, but what’s important to remember is you can sit in meditation alone. You can walk yourself through your chakras and see your blockages yourself. Insight from outside sources is helpful, for they are your mirror, but they should only guide you to the answers you have within. No one needs to tell you that you aren’t speaking your truth or that you aren’t standing in your power. You know very well what it is you are or are not doing just give yourself time to sit and realize it. Tap into the greater consciousness you have inside, it wants to share with you, then you can share it with the world.

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