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Healing & Re-Energising your Chakras: Rebooting your Multidimensional Self



As humans we are an integral part of an interconnected multilayered reality. Our health, happiness and fortune is also invariably affected by and reflected upon these interconnected layers of reality. Our physical health and wellbeing, for instance, is affected by the imperceptible state of our energy field and body. So are our emotions, moods and mental health in general. These layers – the physical and the energetic are inter-penetrable and in confluence with each other although only the physical symptoms are apparent to our senses.

166227061_f1655ff9dc_zSince modern western Science bases importance on what is empirically observable by the senses (extended through instruments), the layers beyond the physical and observable have been discarded as non-Scientific or ‘metaphysical’. But it is precisely this that has led Scientific knowledge in a dark narrow alley of ‘material reductionism’. What this means is that in medicine, for example, we only see the root cause of a physical ailment according to the physical and chemical chain of cause and effect. This is not so in the more holistic ancient Eastern thought where the health and wellbeing of humans are seen as intimately tied not only to the physical body but also to the balance of energies flowing within the body and from the outside world to the body. This is where the idea of Qi emerged in China (same with Prana  in Hindu traditions and ‘Lung’ in Tibetan culture) – the vital force which flows through and around our physical state of being. According to these traditions, the physical and energetic layers of our bodies interface at seven main centres in our body known as chakras. A number of other energy lines or ‘meridians’ run from the centres to other parts of the body serving as conduits for the flow of this vital energy.

In Chinese medicine it has long been established that imbalances in these chakras manifest as various physical ailments and diseases which can be addressed by certain exercises (Qi Gong & Tai Qi) together with concoctions of herbs and roots aimed at realigning them for proper flow of Qi so as to restore vitality and wellbeing. These practices have become widely known and practised even in the west.

Yet what I would like to share are a few other less known methods to heal and energise the chakras. Doing any of these methods is simple to follow and incorporate in your daily routine. The effect is an overall reset to your health and wellbeing. You gain vitality, feel invigorated, maintain organ health and immunity from common diseases, gain mental clarity and boost your mood.  The best proof is by trying these methods consistently for a week and see what happens. Once the effects become tangible you will get motivated to keep doing them consistently. It cannot be otherwise because the feeling is too good to be turned down.

Nine Breaths of Purification:

This is one of the simplest exercises but its power should not be underestimated. It comes from ancient Tibetan Yogic practices. I do these practices every morning and evening before I sleep but they can be carried out any time during the day. According to the Bon tradition of Tibet, the human body has three channels  through which the ‘Prana’ or ‘Lung’ flow. The central channel rises straight through the centre of the body and widens slightly from the heart to its opening at the crown of the head. Then there are two side channels alongside the main channel which are the diameter of a pencil. They join the the main channel about four inches below the navel. They rise straight through the body to either side of the central channel, curve around under the skull, pass behind the eyes and open at the nostrils. The right and left channels are inverted according to gender.

The first three breaths: Traditionally, the thumb of the right hand presses the base of the ring finger and with the ring finger men close the right nostril and breathes in the left nostril (while women do this the other way closing the left nostril and inhaling through the right nostril). Then closing the left nostril and exhaling through the right nostril (women: close the right nostril and exhale through the left nostril). Do this alternation three times. You will also notice a curious fact that at any one time, one nostril is always more open than another and they alternate several times throughout the day. So if you do the same exercise sometime later you will find that while earlier you had one nostril more open than another, some time later it was the other way round and so on throughout the day. (According to the same ancient knowledge, this has to do with dreaming and lucid dream practice. Men should sleep on their right side while women on their left. If you are a man and wakes up from a bad dream, notice on which side you were sleeping. Chances are you were sleeping on your left side. The opposite is true for women).

The second three breaths: Do the same process as the first three breaths but alternating sides. Hence men should close the left nostril and breath in the right nostril, then closing the right nostril and exhaling through the left nostril. Women should do the inverse of this sequence. Do this three times.

The Third three breaths: The last three breaths are the same for both men and women. Sitting down and placing the left hand on top of the right hand, palms up, visualise breathing in green light as you inhale from both nostrils. Imagine the light moving down the side channels until they meet the central channel below the navel. As you exhale, visualise the breath moving up the central channel up to the head and leaving the crown together with all illnesses and energetic blockages as black smoke.

Chakra Healing Program:

Carol Tuttle is a Master Energy Therapist that specialises in chakra healing. In her top rated program she provides practical tools and techniques to energise and restore balance in the chakras. It is a structured training curriculum which offers loads of instructions about working with your chakras so as to unblock energy problems that might be keeping you back from health, abundance or living a fuller, meaningful life. Such techniques include meditation, Rapid eye technology (RET), visualisation, Emotional freedom techniques (EFT), breathing and others. See more here

Five Tibetan Rites:

These are also part of the ancient Tibetan Yogic practices but unlike the nine breaths of purification require a little bit more physical input. People who have been practising these Tibetan rites daily for some years attest to their power. Many even claim to have rejuvenation and longevity properties. See a video demonstration here.

Detoxifying the pineal gland (Third Eye):

There is a general consensus among masters and scholars in the field that one of the most important chakras – the brow chakra or third eye – is physically related to the pineal gland. The pineal gland is small cone shaped gland situated in the middle of our brain. It is responsible for visions, deep insights and is a gateway to higher dimensional knowledge. It is responsible for producing natural DMT in the body (most actively when foetus is forming and around time of death thus possibly indicating it has to do with the embodiment and disengagement of spirit or soul). DMT is the molecule also found in the sacred healing plant Ayahuasca, the ingestion of which produces visions and deep healing.

However the pineal gland is also negatively affected by the food and drinks we take. Most notorious is the fluoride and chlorine in tap water. Cleansing the pineal gland from toxins and heavy metal is popularly referred to as decalcifying the pineal gland (although I think it’s the wrong term). There are several paths to detox the gland. The most obvious and immediate is by stopping the intake of tap water that might contain these harmful chemicals. Eating more healthy, especially raw green organic food that was not treated by pesticides and other chemicals. Take a good daily dose of vitamin C. Adding Spirulina and Chlorella is extremely good at detoxifying the whole body in general, not least the pineal gland.

Other good food sources that should be included in the pineal gland detoxification are: Apple cider vinegar, ginger, lemon (putting ginger and lemon in your water is a very good detox and alkalising practice) and kelp.

As for dechlorination, Calcium thiosulphate is said to get rid of chlorine from the body (although I do not recommend unless you research the doses and procedure). A better solution is taking Bentonite clay (calcium bentonite) – about half a teaspoon with a full glass of water. Drink a lot of water after that so as to avoid the clay from absorbing too much water from your body and causing constipation.

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