Charities Have got it All Wrong; 12 Year Old Girl Solves the Money Problem

Every single charity in the world has got it wrong. They’re focusing on the wrong problem and therefore can’t see the right solution. That solution, which is blatantly obvious to anyone who has woken up to the issue, is how they get the money to provide a service for their community.

Currently charities want donations off the people. They want it off those who are more fortunate, as well as those who are not. They’re attempting to fix their particular focus, such as homelessness, family violence, mental illness and poverty in general, without looking at the root problem.

So where should they get their donations? The answer is a public banking system.

If you think we already have a public banking system, think again. In Australia, Europe, UK, US and most of the regions of this planet, the entire central and other banking institutions are owned and run by private corporations, which means private families.

Essentially, the government – who are employed to represent the people – borrow money off these private institutions and pay it back with interest. Now, when you understand that governments have the legal power to create their own money, you understand how insane it is to give away that power to a private monopoly of so-called elite families.

It’s not just insane; it’s bat-shit crazy.

But no one is talking about this except a rare few. That’s because of two very smart strategies employed by this shadow monopoly: the first is that they fund political campaigns (and therefore influence politicians and their policy), and the second is that they control what information is sold on mass to our society (because they own the mainstream media).

That’s how easy is to understand why more people aren’t talking about it.

That’s how easy is to understand why nothing is being done about it.

But if charities are fair dinkum in their pursuit to fix the socioeconomic epidemics that continue to plague our fellow man, then they’ll form a coalition and bring this issue to light for the collective consciousness of humanity, who will no doubt demand that it be transformed.

People who really understand this, want it changed.

People are good at mind and heart, but they’ve been manipulated by the mainstream propaganda narratives.

People deserve a right to know what the problem is, and how to resolve it.

People who do understand it, have an obligation to share it with others.

This cannot be misunderstood. This cannot be debated, overlooked or forgotten. This is our opportunity to fix it right now.

To reiterate, money is created out of nothing by private institutions. The people i.e. governments, have the power to do this themselves for the benefit of their communities. All those insane profits made by the banking and finance sectors can be recycled back into local, state and national economies so that the people come first, not profits.

Imagine what we could achieve:

  • More inclusive, supportive and participatory communities;
  • More local food creation and distribution;
  • More funding for essential services, such as those which overcome mental illness, addiction, poverty and homelessness;
  • More infrastructure for social mobility, businesses and convenience;
  • More employment opportunities;
  • More educational pathways at a lesser expense;
  • More economic freedom from taxes;
  • More investment in local, sustainable and eco-friendly businesses;
  • More creative and innovative funding; and
  • More power for the people to create the actual future they want for their children.


This is not rocket science. This is not all too hard. This is a simple strategy to fix the system so that we all benefit. It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO, unemployed or everything in between; this concerns all of us so make that very clear in your mind as you read this.

Therefore, it is now official; charities have been called out to get their shit together and sort this issue out. The strategy is simple: they need to come together as a collective and educate everyone in their networks that the system is broken and that they know how to fix it.

Otherwise, they’re not doing their job to truly create a fair, prosperous and healthy future for humanity.

To personally contribute, sign this petition on For further information, watch this video in which a 12 year old girl explains in very simple terms what the problem is, as well as the solution to it.

Phillip J Watt lives in Australia. His written work deals with topics from ideology to society, as well as self-development. Follow him on Facebook or visit his website.

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