Turkish Forces Take Down Russian Jet; Is this the Official Start to WWIII?

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The prophecies imply it. The predictions state it. The shadow cabal want it. Could it be that the final showdown for humanity has just begun with WWIII?

When the Turkish military took down a Russian jet on 24th November, 2015, the world held their breath nervously. Further complicating the issue is that one or both of the pilots ejected to safety but were reportedlyexecuted while parachuting down by local rebels, which … are (the) same “rebels” who are funded directly by the CIA.”

Uh oh, this definitely smells like the start of WWIII.

Turkey is a NATO country. Russia is not. NATO is controlled by the shadow puppeteers. Russia is not. Well, Putin is playing a stealth game of double agent if he actually is a secret player within the shadow order, which is now becoming so mainstream that even professors and politicians are meeting in public to discuss it at conferences in front of the world.

Because the mainstream media has been hijacked, all this alternative information illustrates how bloody difficult it is to truly discern what’s going on, so let’s take a step back and put this cluster-fu*k of human underdevelopment into context the best we can.

To start off on a positive note, we already have the solutions. Let that sink in; we already have the solutions to the problems of our world.

For example, we don’t need to fight each other over power, nor over our common resources. We have perfectly progressive systems that we could put into place to freely and honorably replace all of our current energy systems – especially oil – such as hemp, H2O and zero point energy. Permaculture could easily replace our food requirements too, whilst at the same time ensuring that we finally sort out the toxic destruction that power consolidation, globalization and industrial agriculture does to our collective health and our natural systems.

We don’t need to fight over our beliefs either; surely we all have the basic capacity to understand by now that our personal ideological frameworks are our own finite conception of a shared infinite awareness? Actually, I guess not; it’s probably asking a bit much really considering all the trauma, brainwashing, bigotry and ignorance of the poor misguided souls that walk scared and alone on this majestic masterpiece called the third dimensional construct of planet earth.

In any case, we also don’t need to voluntary give the power to private families to create our money out of thin air; we can do that perfectly fine for ourselves thank you very much. The reality is that each local, state and national ‘group’ can reorganize their banking systems so that public institutions, not private, are mandated to recycle the profits back into the community, for the benefit of the people. That way we could create all the basic fundamentals, as well as some luxurious ones too, that everyone requires at local and regional scales.

No more fighting over the worlds resources. No more fighting over the worlds power.

Yet that’s apparently too much to ask from this psychopathic order that are hellbent on securing their domination as “rulers of the world”. We have to assume they don’t yet realize that there are more spiritually empowered people than what they’ll ever be. I mean seriously, don’t they understand that they’re slaves to their own misguided conception of success?

It appears so. Regardless, this is what we’ve got, so this is what we have to work with.

Moving on, let’s do a basic chronology of the modern Middle East debacle. Included in it will be links, just like all throughout this article, in case you want to do some follow up research:

  1. Of course we should start with 9/11, which is the biggest false flag ever executed by the shadow dynasty. This was a purposely designed strategy to initiate their occupation of the Middle East, which was exposed by “General Wesley Clark (who is a) Retired 4-star U.S. Army general, as well as many others. Why? Power and resources of course, as well as including that region in their one world government plans;

  2. The next stops are loosely Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya and now Syria (and soon to be Iran). Based on the official narrative, it is Al Qaeda they were originally after, as well as most of the government “dictators” of those countries. IS (Islamic State) is meant to be an accident, yet as we now know these radical extremists, including Al Qaeda, were funded and trained by the shadow rulers as proxy armies to destabilize the region, overthrow the governments, inject puppet leaders and take full control of the banking and resources of those areas.

So now there is a basic understanding of what the fu*k is going on, let’s fast forward to today.

Russia is in alliance with Assad, the leader of Syria. This most likely has to do with their national interests, such as gas pipelines and other economic needs. They are also building their collaboration with China through new economic and geopolitical frameworks.

On the other hand, the ‘Western Alliance’, which is being controlled by the previously mentioned oligarchy, consists of Israel, US, UK, Australia, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Turkey, as well as many others. So far this appears as the two opposing forces that might engage as competition in World War 3, however how this plays out is anyone’s guess.

Will it happen? Maybe. Yet, we’ve got to ask the question: why would these puppet-masters want a WWIII? Well, that’s a tough one; there’s many potential answers. It could be simply to implement the New World Order. There is also the Zionist agenda for the Middle East. Or could it sadistically be a depopulation strategy? Who knows; these power-hungry loony’s could really be capable of anything.

The other potential reason is a reset of the world’s economy. Once we do our proper research, we understand that the global economic landscape is cracking at the crust with mountains of debt that will never be paid off and a series of financial ponzy schemes which have made a necessary embarrassment of the capitalist, materialist and consumerist models. If you want to research it deeper, in this article posted on 2nd November, 2015, there are 18 data sets that illustrate how the world’s interconnected economy is slowing into a recession, and is more fragile in some ways than what is was before the GFC of 2008.

Obviously all this is a mind-fu*k. There might be some debatable ‘facts’ presented here, but hey, we cannot expect to get it all perfectly right. Yet once we engage in an objective, critical and in-depth investigation into what really is going on in terms of the power structures and geopolitics of the material world, there is no doubt patterns and themes that give a strong indication that the matrix-media, which has consolidated into a few monopolies, has brainwashes us to believe that which nowhere near aligns to the truth.

The other factor that needs to be said is that this is just a spiritual game. Do not mistake it; it’s been happening for all eternity. It has its easy paths and its challenging ones – the highs and lows are in the flow – but that’s how growth in duality works. That’s how the paradigm shifts work.

Of course you should decide for yourself what’s really happening in both the immaterial and material realms, but to do so, you need to have the open-minded experience and do the countless hours of research required to legitimately have a valid opinion. That’s why there’s so many links provided here for you to explore, in case you haven’t ventured on the path already.

Happy hunting!

Please note: As a collective, we have the power to say NO. We can say NO to participating in WWIII. We can say NO to the banking cartel. We can also say NO to continuing to give up our power to the shadow global tyrants. And that’s exactly what we should do.



Phillip J Watt lives in Australia. His written work deals with topics from ideology to society, as well as self-development. Follow him on Facebook or visit his website.