Did you know that half of all the Amazon trees are on the brink of extinction?  According to a study published in the journal Science Advances, we are running out of time.  It’s time to go hardcore on evolving people to preserve our forests by spreading awareness and stop spending money on any industry that is hurting the forests.

Researchers conducted a study with an international team of 158 experts from 21 different countries.  Initially, the researchers who were led by tropical ecologist Hans Ter Steege was focused on analyzing data that was college from various forests surveys from all around the Amazon rainforest.

However, this information has since been connected with maps showing the current levels of deforestation in the Amazon as well as future predictions based on upcoming forest clearing projects.  The scientists worked to figure out which tree species had already been cleared off the earth, as well as which species of trees, were about to be completely destroyed.

This is scary to think about because many unknown cures to diseases and cancers are believed to be in the Amazon rain forests.  There is also a goldmine of hidden technology in the trees, plants, animals, and microorganisms of these forests.  This area of the world also produces a great deal of the oxygen we need to breathe.

Nearly every breath you take is because of the trees we are cutting down.  We are robbing ourselves and the future generations of clean air, technology, and medicine.

It was also discovered that between 36% and 57% of the estimated 15,000 different Amazon tree species were threatened with extinction if deforestation continues at the rate it is going.  This includes the mahogany and Brazil nut trees.

To be more precise the number of endangered plant species is increasing by 22% and it is projected that around 8,690 rainforest trees may be included on the Red List of Threatened Species according to the international Union for Conservation of Nature.

These experts aren’t claiming that this is a recent development.  This has been going on for a while and they do admit that the recent forest loss has been a little less severe than in previous years.

Scientists insist that it is necessary that we become fully conscious and up to date with the impact that historical deforestation has had on us so far so that we can halt future man-made problems.

via ecowatch.com

via ecowatch.com

It is imperative that we have accurate estimations of the destruction already affecting the Amazon ecosystem which has been going on since the 1950’s otherwise these alarming changes would go unchecked.  We must give this issue much more of our attention because there is still time to save the few precious trees we have left.

The scientists believe that a big part of the responsibility is in the countries that border the forests such as Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, the French Guyana, and Suriname.  However, we need to fully understand why they are cutting them down and do our part to make sure it isn’t for us.

Legislation needs to be put in place right away to protect these trees since our consumption and overpopulation is pushing these places to clear cut in order to raise crops, and create grazing grounds for the beef industry.

Another part of this problem is dam construction and mining.  We need to carefully regulate these industries to make sure that the trees are saved and the native peoples aren’t pushed out of their sacred lands.

via knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu

via knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu

52.2% of the Amazon drainage basin has active conservation efforts which good news, but we have a lot of room for improvement.  More protective efforts are needed in some of the more remote locations of the Amazon where farmers, prospectors, and loggers aren’t as closely monitored.

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Image Credit: snowbrains.com