Think Global, Act Local; Preparing for and Building the New Era for Humanity

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It’s mind-blowing the moment we live in. Not only are all the world’s indigenous and modern cultures connecting into a global society for the first time in our known history, but we’re doing it in a reality that is so mysterious that our minds are intertwined at the fundamental level. As duality would have it though; there is madness to this magic.

There’s escalating conflict all across the planet. The global economy is deflating from a decades-old debt bubble. Ignorance, apathy, ill-health and suffering are commonplace. Politics has sold-out. Money rules the rules. Then of course the consolidation of power has been very successful by the oligarchs, who have taken primary control of how money and information is circulated throughout society.

There is a bigger picture though. It is important to understand what we’re dealing with in all its forms, because if we align ourselves to it then we can co-create with it, no matter if it’s of positive or negative charge. Yet regardless of the exact details of all these realities, this is all part of a deeper energetic shift which is not only organic, but being fueled by individual and community action.

It is right there for us to feel.

It is right there for us to play with.

Many exciting developments are taking place. New paradigms are being built. Humanity’s individual and collective consciousness is expanding. Ideas are being channeled into our world that will revolutionize our future. This is still just the beginning too; it’s the rebirth of an era characterized by true freedom and abundance.

We’ve got a long way to go though and there is only one strategy to make it happen: expand our awareness and translate it into action. Our personal experience of how it all unfolds over the coming months and years will obviously be unique, yet the more we all connect within our local community – even in a city setting – the more that local action groups will form to help amplify the change.

Whilst we’ve still got a relatively calm and functioning society, we need to form as many groups as possible. One such way is the Full Circle Project, which is the creation of Max Igan. His aim is to connect people in order to form projects and groups on both local and global scales. As stated on the home page:

It’s time to step into the warrior’s role; one of action made in love, compassion and a fierce determination to fulfill our true calling.

This is just one of many platforms which are designed to connect like-minded people. Simply attending local council and other meetings works well too. The point is that there are many people already collaborating through a variety of projects all across our world, so with a little research, you will find the right one for you.

The harsh but empowering truth is that no one’s coming to save us; it’s up to all of us to play our small role. Projects which might attract your focus include food, social services, self-sufficiency, community awareness, health, safety, environment or an array of other worthy causes, all of which are contributing to the creation of a future that we can be more proud of than what we’ve achieved so far.

It’s not going to come easy though; there is the high potential of some seriously challenging times ahead for all of us. To be ultra clear, our global economy is riddled with the cancer of debt and this entire system, which shakily rests on both the Petrodollar and the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency, is dangerously close to its death. As I stated in a recent article titled “A Critical Update on the Failing Global Economy”:

The exceptionally poor start to stocks in 2016 has somewhat been driven by ‘fears’ about China’s economic troubles, but really it is because many of the fundamentals of the global economy are extremely weak. For example, oil, which sustains the financial health of many countries and industries, has crashed over 70% in the last 2 years, whilst the Baltic Dry Index, which measures the amount of raw materials being shipped around the planet, is at a record low of 298 (to put this into context, just before the great recession of 2008 is was over 11,000).

More examples are that in early 2016, North Atlantic cargo shipping almost came to a halt and the U.S. orders in the trucking industry “for Class 8 trucks – the big rigs that haul freight on North American highways – plunged 48% from a year ago”. Furthermore, the retail sector is falling apart, with tens of thousands of job cuts and shop doors closing at an alarming rate.

For a deeper analysis of the data which scream that we’re steam-rolling towards a long over-due debt reset, which might even end in a sustained global depression such as that of the 1930’s, read “22 Signs That The Global Economic Turmoil We Have Seen So Far In 2016 Is Just The Beginning”.

What exactly will happen in the short term is anyone’s guess, which is why we should be holistically prepared. For example, aiming to be as self-sufficient as possible is being street smart.

In any case, the tides of turbulence are in full flow. This moment in history does have its risks that we should definitely be mindful of, but systems need to crumble for new and improved civilizations to be created.

That’s why you should ask yourself: how do you want to see it built?

Then take action locally to achieve it.


Phillip J. Watt lives in Australia. His written work deals with topics from ideology to society, as well as self-development. Follow him on Facebook or visit his website.