Ex CIA Officer Calls Out Trump: End Income Tax and Remove Big Money from Politics

The left/right paradigm is an illusion of choice because both parties work for the same employers. No, it’s not the people either, like it should be. It has now been well exposed that regardless of who we vote for, the governments of the western world still follow orders from their corporate and elite masters. Therefore, an ex CIA officer says that for Trump to be considered the real deal he needs to remove money from the political spectrum and re-balance the power back to the people, where it belongs.

The only way to do this is by instituting a series of radical policy transformations – such as to the monetary, banking, education, tax, media and legal systems, but most importantly implement electoral reform. What this means is dissolving the political duopoly through disassembling the party system, enacting profound changes to the way elections are held, removing private funding from candidate campaigns and ensuring candidates represent their community needs and wishes instead of corporate and other interests.

So with this is mind, it really doesn’t matter who is elected as the next President in the US (or Prime Minister in Australia) unless they’re prepared to undertake the changes which guarantee that the true needs of the people and the environment are represented.

This short documentary discusses how Australia in particular (and the world in general) has been hijacked by big money, as well as three simple steps to restore the power back to the people and implement the above reforms.


The US Presidential Race

So what is the likelihood of these reforms happening in America? Well let’s take a look at Sanders and what he stands for. He certainly has called out some of the seriously toxic issues with Wall Street and the banking system, but he has also been given the opportunity 8 times to put forward an Electoral Reform Act.

Did he accept? No.

He has also neglected to call out Clinton as a warmonger and consistent committer of crime and treason, and even vowed to work with her (if he fails at obtaining the democratic nomination) to beat the Republican nominee Donald Trump. All this convincingly points to the allegation that he is either controlled opposition, or just ignorant of what the American system truly needs and the death and destruction that the establishment puppet Clinton would actually do to the US, and the rest of the world.

This is such a critical time in humanity’s history, so Sanders should be standing up for the truth at all costs.

Then there’s Trump. If he’s serious about making America great again, then surely he must understand that the sell out of politics is one of the biggest causes of the cancer in the system. Therefore, will he take electoral and other reforms seriously and do what’s right for the American people if he secures the Presidency?

We’re about to find out. A former CIA officer, writer, political analyst and activist, Mr. Robert David Steele, has written an open letter to Trump in Counterpunch outlining seven basic steps he needs to take to do right by his campaign and the American people. Without more or less taking these exact steps, Trump will clearly illustrate that he is not out for the people of America, but for himself and the corporate elite.

A few of the steps are a Virtual Constitutional Convention (participatory and televised constitutional debate), an Unemployment Workshop (shaming banks and corporations and exposing real unemployment figures), ending all income taxes, and an Electoral Reform Summit (12 steps to reinstalling real democracy in America).

An Electoral Reform, believes Steele, is an absolute necessity for revitalizing a true democratic process in America and therefore transferring the power back to the people. Being one of the leaders in electoral reform research and design, he states that the following 12 layers are as equally important when enacting such legislation:


Final Thoughts

Sanders had his opportunity, eight times, to enact electoral reform, so we know he’s not the man who would enact the real change that America needs. But in consideration of Trump, it’s not as clear cut.

There are a lot of Trump fans – even in the truth and freedom movements – particularly because of his politically incorrect approach and his exposure of some of the truths about the world, including the true legacy of Hillary. It is no secret that he has many views and traits which are highly concerning, however, many believe that he is the real deal and will actually be a good thing for the American economy and America as a whole.

But is this actually true? Of course both Trump and Sanders are much better options than Clinton – as sad as that might be – as she is the clear choice of the shadow order. Yet, many people also allege that Trump is just another power hungry narcissist, or even worse, controlled opposition too.

Alternatively, is Trump actually a wild card with a wild mouth designed to tap into the dissent of the American people? Could all of the ‘Trump Show’ be an orchestrated approach to gather as much support as possible to really take on the elite power structure after he gets into power?

The only way we’ll really know is if he chooses to undertake the electoral reform that America, and basically the rest of the world, desperately needs. He has been called out, so the ball is in his court.

And one more thing: we should always remember that if the millions of Sanders and Trump supporters would stop fighting and peacefully unite, America would be taken back into the hands of the people near overnight.

The following video is the latest interview with Robert David Steele. Enjoy and share.

About the author:

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