It’s Not the War ON Terror, it’s the War IN Terror

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Regardless of what the media and elite tell you, Brexit was a win for people power. Yet there’s so many ways that the dying order manipulates the masses with fear to achieve their agenda, and the success of Brexit will no doubt be one of them.

Their controlled mouthpieces in the form of the matrix-media say that financial instability will ensue. They say it will end in more terrorism in the UK. They say that serious chaos awaits the British people.

Well, they’re probably right.

The recent decision made by the Brits to leave an anti-democratic and corporate bureaucracy was most likely a genuine result, as paper ballots are very difficult to rig. But does that mean that the occult order which runs our world didn’t foresee it, and are therefore going to capitalize on it?

You can bet your ass they will.

The way the global economy has been going, they need a scapegoat for the upcoming implosion anyway. If you’ve been watching carefully, you’d know that there are already many countries in recession or outright depression, the middle class has been rapidly dying, true unemployment (such as those of a working age who have given up on participating in the workforce) is at highs not seen in several decades, and the general fundamentals of the ‘main street’ economy have been eroding whilst the ‘wall street’ economy has seen asset bubbles of epic proportion.

This would have already unraveled if it wasn’t for the monetary intervention they’ve had in the markets since particularly mid last year, but well beyond. This could simply be the case because they haven’t yet been ready to usher in their next phase of global governance. But are they now reaching a point where they’re ready for pandemonium, so they can offer their ‘solution’?

If markets continue to meltdown, if European banking institutions continue their collapse, if global economic stability continues to crash, then they have a perfect opportunity to blame something else i.e. Brexit, and issue the next phase of their globalist plans (probably a cashless global currency, or something to that effect).

In any case, we should still view Brexit as a win for people power. Yet, it’s far from over. As the rest of 2016 unfolds, we must continue to unite. We must remain vigilant. We must maintain our march towards freedom. We must carry on helping our fellow 99.9% to be properly informed and properly prepared, because the war IN terror will continue to escalate.

There’ll be more Orlando shootings and more alleged terrorist killing sprees, which may or may not be false flag events.

There’ll be more divide and conquer strategies employed to further pit the 99.9% ideologically, emotionally and physically against each other.

There’ll be more cultural cleansing through ramping up the orchestrated waves of refugees.

There’ll be more matrix-media campaigns designed to make us feel scared and therefore vulnerable without our so-called leaders.

And there’ll be more reasons for taking away our natural rights, more justifications for a greater centralization of power and more excuses for going to war with our fellow man.

So get used to it; this is the world we live in until together we stand up and call out this criminal cabal for what it is. There is just so much more work that we need to do to end the reign of the corporatocracy. Of course it would be fantastic if the Brexit and Bremain supporters, the Trump and Sanders supporters, the left and right supporters, the mind and matter supporters etc etc etc would put aside their differences and join the same team, but we’re not there yet.

Brexit is a step towards that though, regardless of the division that exists. Once the people understand their choice is between freedom and tyranny, they’ll also understand it’s a no brainer. How long it takes to truly unite the world’s peoples (including those who are employed by the elite’s puppet institutions), so that we implement the new paradigm of self-determining individuals and self-determining communities is anyone’s guess, but there’s no doubt we’re well on our way.

For further information on how terror has been created, amplified and utilized by the powers-that-will-no-longer-be, watch this insightful interview with a courageous Australian academic who has stood up for the truth, even in the face of a powerful status quo.

About the author:

Phillip J. Watt lives in Australia. His written and film work deals with topics from ideology to society, as well as self-development. You can visit pushingthetippingpoint for more, follow him on Facebook, watch his interviews with an array of inspiring guests at his YouTube Channel, or visit his website.