There are just some things we shouldn’t accept in life, and this list covers some of them.

Now of course we need to convert any anger we have into some form of productive energy, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be pissed about it first. We’re not just a finite snapshot of infinite consciousness, we’re also a biological machine in which an emotional spectrum is embedded into the physiology of our body, so it’s there to be used with purpose.

After all, no great change ever occurred without a touch of anger to stoke the fire of passion and justice.

So with that considered, let’s dive straight into what should be getting your “fuck that!” on. This is just a short list of many, but it’s a little reinforcement for those who need it. And remember the golden rule; if it encroaches on your own or someone else’s freedom or health, then you are in your right to say “FUCK THAT!”

Fuck that #1 – Big Governments telling you what to do

Who the fuck do these puppets think they are? We know the governments of the world are a corporatocracy in disguise, where the banking and other corporate elites are really running the show and having their needs met over and above everyone else. Do they really think that we don’t know? Do the pollies even understand who they really work for?

Who knows. People are brainwashed on many multiples of levels, even if some of them are good people who believe they’re doing the right thing for their fellow man. In any case, governments or any organisational management system for that matter need to go back to the start and remember the golden rule too, because that law my friends is made of the divine, not man.

Fuck that #2 – Pharmaceutical monopolies drugging you and your kids

Why does humanity seem to have such a short memory? It wasn’t too long ago the Tobacco industry, among others, was caught out lying to the public, doctoring science, purchasing ‘experts’, and just generally acting like dirty leeches trying to extract as much of your life force as they could. If you really sit down and have a good fucking think about it, why would it be any different with the pharma giants?

It’s not, of course. Money still exists, if you haven’t noticed. Their so-called medicines are a toxic mess that cures fuck all, they’re suppressing natural therapies and remedies such as various plants and herbs, they’re jacking up our kids with a dark witches brew, and they’re designing our perspective and guaranteeing our support through their expertly refined propaganda and the mind-tarding of scientific minions.

Wake up to this fact world; you should be bloody enraged at the medical mayhem.

Fuck that #3 – Treating yourself like shit and then expecting someone else to save you

Why do many women expect that a knight in shining armor is going to ride in on their white horse and save them, when they’re an emotional and philosophical mess? Why do some guys demand they have a porn star in the bedroom and a lady in public when they’re not even close to reaching their own authentic potential?

People treat themselves like shit and then expect something other than that. It’s madness. They’ve got little respect for their physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, philosophical, behavioral, creative and interpersonal health, but somehow believe that someone else is going to make their life complete. If this is you, you should be fucking outraged at yourself.

Granted, it is part of the social engineering agenda, so you should also forgive yourself. You’ve been designed to lust for the material and the peripheral, not the inner fire of your being. The authentic man and woman, or put differently, the divine masculine and feminine energies, are a rarity. It’s even more uncommon to find someone who has mastered both of these vibrations within themselves.

Fuck that #4 – The money makers stealing our wealth and prosperity

Have you seen the way the world’s going? The governments (and therefore people) are up to their assholes in debt and pretty much selling out their children’s futures. Of course it’s all designed as part of the totalitarian takeover by the banksters and their multinational minions, but we’re the ones fucking dumb enough to allow it to happen.

The middle class is dying, poverty is increasing, the gap between the rich and poor is a spit in the face and the breakdown of a cohesive society is like we’re living in the dark ages. Well, in a sense that’s right; welcome to the new dark age where those putrid parasites we call the mainstream media are complicit in keeping the masses in the shadows about all the greater truths of our world.

And that of course includes that the world’s money supply has been stolen by the piggy banks so that most the profits made out of the financing of our society goes to those slimy suckers, instead of being reinvested in the social programs and community infrastructure we need to bring our neighborhoods back into some remnant of balance and health.

Fuck that #5 – Buying stupid shit and pretending that we’re better than everyone

What drugs are these people on who think that the more crap they accrue and the more power they feel makes them more important than the rest of us? Did they have a bad acid trip? Did they not get the memo which stated that real power is not just true self-empowerment, but also giving back to your planetary family?

Connecting with genuine men and women, as well as community itself, is way more powerful than pretending you’re something you’re not. Of course it’s great to have a few toys and enjoy the various layers of the human identity, but fuck, if you don’t yet understand that life is about the exploration of the self and its connection to others, as well as reality itself, then you should take a good hard look in the mirror and give yourself an uppercut.

That might sort out your obsession with your image too.

Final Thoughts

Spirituality isn’t always about rainbows and unicorns, it’s also about dealing with the real fucking world. We need to engage our emotions with the injustices of our era and transmute that energy into something of true and lasting value.

If you’re new to the business of becoming conscious, then that is definitely your area. Look deeply into the world around you and compare that with the potential we could reach. How large is the difference? Does it make you mad?

It bloody well should. The capacity for humanity’s mind and heart expansion has barely scraped the surface, let alone the unnecessary suffering that exists in our world. The ironic aspect is though that many of us do it to ourselves, even when we live in an age of information.

Seriously, we should know better.

In any case, keep your minds and hearts open and if you see something that just isn’t right, you know what to say loud and clear.


Phillip J. Watt lives on the Mid North Coast of NSW Australia. His written and film work deals with topics from ideology to society, as well as self-development. Follow him on Facebook, watch his interviews with an array of inspiring guests at his YouTube Channel or visit his website.