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Australian Aboriginals May Have Bred with Mysterious, Previously Unknown Human Lineage



Researchers have just stumbled on a new, mysterious branch of humanity that was previously unknown. By examining models which heretofore assumed that all the world was populated by a lineage of humans coming out of Africa in a mass exodus, scientists from Harvard learned that not only did a wave of migrations likely happen instead, but that some of the oldest races on the planet have an unusual DNA makeup. These findings suggest that an entirely different branch of humans once lived on planet earth.

The change in timetables alone is enough of a disruption to previous scientific dogma. It was largely accepted that all people emigrated to other continents between 40,000 and 70,000 years ago.   By examining archeological evidence, not only did scientists find out that we started to migrate closer to 100,00 years ago, but more rigorous DNA examination of a wider population sample revealed that some modern Aboriginal Australians harbor evidence of ancient interbreeding with an unknown human lineage.


Rusty Stewart

Aborigines are not alone, though. The same mysterious DNA was also thought to appear in a lineage from an extinct branch of the human family tree found in Denisova cave in Siberia’s Altai Mountains.

Recent work suggests; however, that Denisovans contributed about 5 percent of their DNA to the genomes of present-day people of the Pacific Islands of Oceania. Researchers figured out that DNA found in Denisovans in the Pacific were actually signs of an unknown human lineage.

Moreover, researchers discovered that at least 2 percent of the Papuan genome contains traces of an early migration that happened about 120,000 years ago. They also determined that modern day Aboriginals were direct descendants of the the very fist Australian Aboriginals on the earth – even though some of their DNA has been unaccounted for until now.


New DNA evidence has shed light on who the First Australians were. Picture: Troy Snook

This is the first comprehensive population-level whole-genome study of human genetic diversity in Australia. It has revealed that we still don’t completely understand our genetic heritage.

These facts being established, is it really so far fetched to imagine that aliens may have seeded this planet with human-like genes, ages ago?

Some scientists have even discovered what they think are ‘seeds’ sent here from other planets. They found that a strange plasmid DNA sphere was capable inserting itself into living creatures and replicating even under harsh conditions in space. Though there have been many theories about this seed found on the outside of a rocket, many researchers have postulated that the microorganism was programmed to propagate alien life on Earth.

This is the concept of panspermia, and though it is thought to be strange by many, Nobel Prize winner, Sir Francis Crick studied DNA for years and came to the same conclusion.

Whether our ‘mystery’ DNA is local or of distant origins, it does seem odd that scientists who have supposedly mapped the entire human genome are still finding traces of a ‘new,’ previously unknown human lineage in our blood.

Featured image: Copyright Rusty Stewart, source: The Conversation

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