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Document Shredding Trucks Photographed in Front of NY Federal Reserve Gold Vault



fed-shred-copyNew documents have surfaced on the the Internet claiming that the Federal Reserve Bank bamboozled over $23 trillion in gold in order to take over the world’s corporations and monetary system using the Lehman’s scandal to their advantage. Whether the details of this claim are true remain to be verified, but document shredding trucks as well as a professional demolition and dismantling service were photographed outside the NY Fed’s gold vault just this past week.

Documents leaked by US government personnel detail how the 2008 Lehman crisis was fabricated as a way to steal 700 tons of gold which were then used to create 23 trillion ‘fake’ dollars that J.P. Morgan, Chase and HSBC helped to circulate in order to bilk even more money from an unsuspecting public.

Interestingly, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe just warned of a “Lehman-scale’ crisis looming months ago at the G7 summit. He shared document with the other world leaders in attendance that showed commodity prices had fallen by over 55 percent since 2009. Also of note, is the fact that the NY Fed’s puppet masters swooped in and bought up commodities just after the Lehman crisis because they were bargain-basement-priced.

What exactly are the cabal banking families up to this time in order to prop up the crashing petro-dollar, and their terrorist regimes? You can be sure some covert geopolitical maneuvering is happening behind the scenes, if nothing else.  Western banks are crumbling, that is certain, and the IMF is not to be trusted either, but it seems that the ongoing global reset is happening.

Germany’s largest bank – Deutsche bank – is in trouble, too, and  U.S. banks just experienced a dismal first quarter. You’d never know that America’s rigged system was crumbling by watching the mainstream media’s reporting, though. Big bank earnings were down year over year – and in some cases, down dramatically. JPMorgan Chase earned $6.2 billion in the second quarter of 2016 versus $6.29 billion in the second quarter of 2015. Citigroup, Bank of America and Morgan Stanley also all saw falling profits. There are reports of massive job cuts at Goldman Sachs, and the Wall Street Journal’s David Reilly reported that 20 of the biggest global banks had shed $465 billion, almost half a trillion dollars, in equity capital according to FactSet data.

As Wall Street on Parade attests, “banking has become a criminal enterprise in the US.” There’s only one correction to be made to that headline. Banking HAS BEEN a criminal enterprise in the US for centuries.

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