Iowa Woman Arrested On Her Own Property For Protesting DAPL Construction

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This past weekend, Cyndy Coppola was arrested on her family farm after she was protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline construction that was taking place on that same land.

Cyndy lives in Calhoun County, Iowa and has been actively protesting the pipeline construction which is taking place on her own family land, without her permission.

Cyndy Coppola on her farmland in Calhoun County, Iowa

With her friend and well known Iowan Ed Fallon, who is a peace activist and former Iowa state lawmaker, the two were arrested Saturday for attempting to block trucks carrying pipeline across her farmland. Bold Iowa, an environmental alliance, was also present.

Coppola and her family are part of a lawsuit brought by nine Iowa farms against Dakota Access for using eminent domain to gain easements, which they say is against Iowa state law.

Cyndy said:

“It was very frustrating, and when I first saw that topsoil piled up when they started digging, my first reaction was to cry, because we’ve tried everything.”

In addition to unlawful land-grabs taking place in Calhoun County, video footage of a pipeline worker has been released in which he said to peaceful water protectors:

“How much for the little girl?”

Are we going to continue to allow this behavior to occur in Calhoun County and other counties across the nation? You can reach Calhoun County with questions or comments through email or by phone at the link here. If you are in other counties, reach out to your local county with questions or comments you may have.

While Cyndy and Ed said that the Sheriff’s Department of Calhoun County has been very nice and respectful to them, it should still be asked why Cyndy was arrested on her own property for opposing construction she has never lawfully authorized.

Why are local Sheriff’s Departments across the involved states allowing corporations to unlawfully violate the will of a living human being by seizing her land to do with it what they want?

It is not all the County’s fault though. They are certainly facing immense pressure from these parasitic corporations, as well (though most likely not as directly) as from the 17 big banks that are funding the construction of this pipeline. Several of these banks are foreign banks too, which range from the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Japan and Scotland, among others. With multinational banks involved, do you still really believe this has anything to do with “boosting the local economy” and with “providing more local jobs?”


What our country and our world faces right now is a choice whether we are going to sit by and watch corporations and banks continue to call the shots, propelling them towards complete control, or whether we as a collective, including all law enforcement personnel, are going to unite and demand that the destructive actions of said banks and corporations concede to the people’s birthrights.

Do you remember when the “too-big-to-fail” banks bailed themselves out (which was allowed by the U.S. government) and forced the American people to bear the massive financial losses? Does the law enforcement personnel reading this believe these banks, corporations and the Federal government really care about you and your family’s well-being? To them, you are seen simply as a pawn in their game.

I write this not to insult you, but rather to awaken you to the reality of the situation and to inspire you to take action. If this would upset you, remember, I am just the messenger of this sad but true statement. So, are you going to continue arresting living human beings for protecting their birthrights to clean water and complete sovereignty over their own land? Or are you going to side with the people and team up with all other Sheriff’s departments across the state (and other states that are affected) as well as with the private security contractors and start forcing the Feds to cease DAPL construction? Remember, as Sheriff’s, you hold the power of what happens in the county. The Feds do not. It is time for everyone to unite.

As you may be picking up, this situation is not going away; nor will it. The course of nature will always have it’s way. Those standing to protect water from being polluted with poisons are in alignment with nature’s course. With respect and understanding for law enforcement’s difficult position in this matter, the people have faith that you will join the movement for freedom and sovereignty for all and respect for Earth’s most precious and life-giving resource: water.

Special note*** Many Sheriffs and law enforcement personnel are recommending to other personnel as well as water protectors to look into the work of Judge Anna von Reitz as well as a book she recently published. 

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