media-1As is being reported by The Intercept, the latest batch of email and document leaks, which were provided to The Intercept via the hacker known as Guccifer 2.0, shows how the Clinton campaign regularly colluded with several different mainstream media outlets and journalists to ensure only favorable stories broke the news.

The list of outlets represented in the documents include ABC, Bloomberg, CBS, CNN, Huffington Post, MSNBC, NBC, The New York Times, Politico and Vice.

The first significant expose’ in the batch shows how Maggie Haberman of Politico has had a “very good relationship” with the Clinton campaign and that the campaign has “teed up stories” for Maggie in the past. Though something like this is probably not uncommon for any major candidate, this shows us the language used and the process it takes for favorable mention throughout the media’s reach.


Image via The Intercept

It has also been shown that the Clinton campaign directly communicated with the “Correct the Record” Super PAC run by David Brock, which according to is technically a felony.

2016-10-08-wiki-brock-super-pac_0 The Clinton Campaign also regarding Mr. Brock as a “progressive helper” and were comfortable with journalists and anchors like Wolf Blitzer, George Stepanopoulos, Charlie Rose and Chris Mathews.


The next documents show the incredible list of anchors and journalists who were invited to Hillary’s pre-presidental announcement party, which was in part done to “give reporters their first thoughts from team HRC in advance of the announcement.”

Take a look and see how many of these people sound familiar…Is there any question yet that the mainstream media has lost all credibility of fair and unbiased reporting?

20161009-hillary-press-3_0 20161009-hillary-press-4 Lastly, we see a document that shows how the campaign openly discussed plans to give reporters only favorable stories to report on, and most importantly, discussed that those stories needed to go out as a way to avoid talking about the Clinton Foundation lies and cover-ups as well as all of the information leaking out about Hillary’s deleted email saga. 

20161009-hillary-press-5_0 What are your thoughts on this? Do you find this surprising? What more will it take for those who support Hillary to realize that much collusion and secrecy surrounds her campaign, the Clinton Foundation as well as the email cover-ups?

What will it take for legal actions to be made? Another positive sign we can take from this is that more and more continues to leak out. We wonder, if Julian Assange and Wikileaks will make good on their promise? Time will soon tell.

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