Bill Nye: There’s Enough Solar and Wind To Renewably Power The World

In August of 2016, well known scientist Bill Nye went on CNN and had an interview in which he claimed that the entire world could be powered by renewable energy, such as wind, solar, tidal and geothermal.

“The big unexploited renewable resource on the East Coast of the United States, and Canada and Mexico, is wind. So, I encourage you, I am not a member of this, but I encourage everybody to check out The Solutions Project, a bunch of civil engineers who have done an analysis that you could power the United States, you could power most of the world, renewably if you just decided to do it, right now. There’s enough wind and solar resources, a little bit of tidal and some geothermal, to run the whole place.”

The solutions already exist. Source
The solutions already exist. Source

The Solutions Project lays out a map for each State in the U.S. and for each country in the world and describes in percentages the type of renewable energy that can be used, depending on their location and the weather patterns typically present in that area. For example, in Iowa, 68% of the energy will come from on-shore wind (since Iowa is landlocked and is not surrounded by ocean or sea water), 25.8% from solar and small percentages of hydroelectric and other renewable methods. The website also discusses how many construction and maintenance jobs will be created through these technologies as well as the cost savings both short term and long term. The work put into this is extensive and amazing.

Iowa's renewable energy plan layout. Source
Iowa’s renewable energy plan layout. Source

With solutions such as these and an actual detailed plan to make this happen, why is it that this is not the hot topic right now? Why are the oil and gas companies fighting to keep this information quiet? With everything happening in North Dakota right now with the proposed pipeline that is being constructed, the world faces a big choice: Are we going to allow old, destructive and dirty methods of energy use to continue to be extracted from the Earth, or are we going to continue moving forward in a big way by pushing for clean and renewable energy? Right now, we have a massive platform with which to push these clean initiatives forward. For some who advocate the usage of oil, it can be shown in a logical, easy manner that the plan exists and we can begin tomorrow, quite literally, to power our entire world with clean energy.

Down The Rabbit Hole

Going a bit further with this topic of clean and renewable energy, we must also ask ourselves why the government has continued to hide free energy technologies that can and will transform our planet in many positive and wonderful ways. Though this topic of “free energy” can be a bit taboo for some, it is encouraged to stay open-minded about such things, as these technologies have been discussed by former astronauts, physicists and scientists for quite some time. Below are a few quotes to confirm that there are indeed technologies that the governments around the world are suppressing which can and will help our world in unimaginable ways.

“These concepts have been proven in hundreds of laboratories all over the world, yet never see the light of day. If the new energy technologies were set free world wide the change would be profound. It would affect everybody, it would be applicable everywhere. These technologies are absolutely the most important thing that have happened in the history of the world.” – Dr. Brian O’Leary, Former NASA Astronaut and Princeton Physics Professor.

“There is significant evidence that scientists since Tesla have known about this energy, but that its existence and potential use has been discouraged and indeed suppressed over the past half century or more” – Dr. Theodor C. Loder

“We’ve had major military people at great risks to themselves say yes these things are real. Why do you think the military industrial complex doesn’t want that statement to be made, because you start thinking about what kind of technology is behind that, that’s the bottom line.” – Adam Trombly, Physicist, Inventor

“These technologies are locked up in black budget projects, it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benifit humanity”– Ben Rich, Former Director of Lockheed’s Skunkworks Division

With the solutions already in existence, let us all continue to push for clean energy to replace the old, destructive energy of oil, coal and gas. Scientifically speaking, there is literally no reason for us to continue with the old methods.

Lance Schuttler graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Health Science and practices health coaching through his website Orgonlight Health. You can follow the Orgonlight Health facebook  page or visit the website for more information on how to receive health coaching for yourself, a family member or a friend as well as view other inspiring articles.

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