Dallas, Texas is creating something truly amazing. The city is creating a 10,000 acre nature district along the Trinity River, which ends up being over 11 times bigger than New York City’s Central Park.


The project began in the early 2000’s which has seen trails, a bridge, a horse park, a golf course and a community center already built in an area of over 6,200 acres, which has cost over $600 million.

However, this past October, the widow of billionaire Harold Simmons donated $50 million towards the project. The part that has yet to be completed will be called the Harold Simmons Park and is expected to be fully finished by 2021. There are also plans to include shops, restaurants, housing and offices in the area as well.

For those interested in urban ecoculture and sustainable living practices, this is nearly a dream come true.

It is also similar in ways to the sustainable city models produced by The Venus Project. If you are fascinated by the images below as to what Dallas is soon to look like, be sure to check out the images and models The Venus Project has produced as well.



When it rains, the park will welcome the water. Lead architect Michael Van Valkenburgh said the park will naturally flood in controlled areas and the water will drain into bioswales, which are sloped courses that absorb water.


One of the elevated parts to the design will include a playground, a trail, benches and grassy lawns.


Walking along the river will also be possible.



What are your thoughts about this project? Should other cities begin doing these things as a mass scale like that in Dallas? Are there architects or designers you could show this latest project to? Are there friends or family members that might find this inspiring?

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