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DEA Tweet Accidentally Supports Full Legalization of Marijuana



Freudian slips are funny when they happen in conversation but even more hilarious when they come from one of the biggest, most bloated organizations in our government – the Department of Drug Enforcement (DEA). And even more mirth-instilling when they prove an argument against themselves.


Firstly, the DEA’s own website shows how utterly they have failed to contain narcotics in the U.S. It has been nearly fifty years since the Drug War’s inception in 1971, and the DEA is still struggling to contain the flow of illegal drugs in the United States.

With their latest tweet, they’ve demonstrated once again, that they are inept, even proving an argument against their own stance to keep marijuana illegal.

Let’s look at what the DEA sent out to hundreds of thousands via Twitter:

The DEA tweeted a chart that referenced the “tobacco model” as a success.

DEA Tweet copy

The chart looks at perceptions of tobacco use and compares them to marijuana use, making the case that a rising perception of harm correlates to lowered usage rates.

Funny that they should use tobacco as an example – because it is legal. Moreover, tobacco has been proven in numerous scientific studies to be extraordinarily harmful to health, while marijuana has actual medical properties.

Aside from this obvious oversight, tobacco is legal, and its perception of harm has increased. Marijuana is illegal and people are realizing that it is extremely beneficial for numerous health concerns.

In the DEA’s interpretation, pointed out Vox, the chart shows there is a correlation between perceptions of risk and a drug’s use. The chart shows that as the perceived risk of tobacco rose, its use among 12th graders dropped. In terms of pot use among 12th graders, risk perceptions dropped while pot use remained relatively flat.

However, there is another interpretation of the chart that argues against the DEA’s own obsession with keeping weed illegal.

As High Times points out,

“Tobacco has been legal for the years the chart covers (1973 – 2013), yet during that time, the perception of how risky it is has gone up and cigarette smoking has gone down, most likely due to anti-tobacco policies, educational campaigns and high cigarette taxes.

Meanwhile, weed is still illegal under federal law, and according to the DEA’s own chart, pot use fluctuates but perceived risks continue to drop. All this in spite of the hundreds of thousands of arrests each year for possession of small amounts of pot.

Twenty-nine states have legalized medical or recreational marijuana in some form so far, and there is no clear connection between legalization and increased use by teenagers.”

To summarize:

The DEA’s own Tweet proves that the legal model works better. Legalization of marijuana, according to their own logic, should happen immediately.

Awesome, now we are all in agreement.

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