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Exciting Space Events to Be Revealed in 2017



There are a lot of interesting space-related events (possible disclosure) to look forward to in 2017. Here are just some of them:

A (Viewable) Total Solar Eclipse Will Happen for the First Time Since 1918


For the first time since 1918, we’ll experience a total solar eclipse that will be visible across the entire continental U.S.. As long as the weather is good you should be able to see this space event with your naked eyes (although it is never a good idea to straight into the sun unless you’ve cultivated this ability through sun-gazing.) At first it will look as if the sun has a ‘bite’ taken out of it, and then it will grow until the entire sun is covered as the moon passes between the sun and the earth. Solar and lunar events are considered important spiritual gateways by many that have profound effects on human psychology and emotions. Mark your calendars for August 17th for this space event.

China Will Launch a Space Lab and Robotic Sample Return Mission to the Moon


Tiangong-2 space laboratory is expected to go live, and China will collect samples from the moon collected by a robot with the Chang’e 5 robotic sample return mission. China has been lagging behind Russia and the U.S. in space missions, but after this unmanned trip and the launch of a space laboratory, maybe they’ll finally reveal the truth about the moon to the world. An exact date has not been listed, but the mission is planned for this year.

According to former avionics technician for NASA, Ken Johnston, NASA’s Apollo mission revealed alien bases on the moon, but the photos were altered to try to hide them.

NASA’s Space Robot Will Move Beyond Saturn’s Rings and Closer to the Planet’s Surface


NASA’s Cassini space probe has been exploring Saturn for 13 years, hanging out near Saturn’s moon Enceladus and its geysers. In November 2016, the probe went into the penultimate phase of its life: the ring-grazing orbits, designed to sample the particles that make up Saturn’s famous rings. Beginning this April, the probe will move even closer to the planet’s surface, and into a stratum that no craft has ever explored before: the space between Saturn and its rings.

From there, the probe will descend until it makes destructive impact with the planet’s surface. NASA has promised it will be snapping pictures until touchdown. Let’s just hope they don’t alter them with Photoshop before releasing them to the public. Some, like researcher Dr. Eduardo Marquez, say the planet is actually a giant UFO.

The Truth About Antarctica May Finally Be Revealed

For Illustrative Purposes Only

For Illustrative Purposes Only

After John Kerry and Buzz Aldrin both visited Antarctica recently for uncertain reasons, the possibility that something odd is going on there would be difficult to refute.  (Aldrin was medically evacuated from Antarctica mid-visit and then visited by members of NASA).

A classified mission to Antarctica called Operation High Jump took place in 1947. The mission was to take about 6 months, but partially through, the entire Naval fleet was abruptly sent back to the states. A Chilean journalist on the way home from his own expedition stated that the Navy experienced a threat that could upset the entire free world, but he never elaborated.

Conspiracy theories suggest that a base was built in Antarctica by the Nazis following WWII, and others attest there is a worldwide cover-up of UFOs in Antarctica. Even the cabal-driven NY Post has stated that there is an “massive anomaly” lying beneath the Antarctic ice, though they suggest it could be the remains of an asteroid that hit our planet. There have also been satellite photos that have captured something beneath the ice. Maybe the truth about Antarctica will be revealed in 2017. Is it a massive Nazi-cooperative underground base with aliens, or something else altogether?

This video shows you how to look for the 14-mile long anomaly using Google Earth.

This video explains the overall phenomenon and the theories about what the Antarctic anomaly is.

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