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Fans or Dissidents: Who Will Lead the Country?



As the nation’s people stand in polar opposition of our new president, passionate fans on one side, and activist dissenters on the other, a new possibility emerges from this surprise circumstance. If we look to the teachings of the Indian philosopher Krishnamurti, it becomes apparent that the fans and detractors of President Trump alike, are caught in a tangled web of confusion.

As some protests turned violent against Trump during the inauguration ceremonies, breaking windows of local banks, and vandalizing coffee shops, while supporters of Trump gathered along the National Mall chanting, “Make American Great Again,” we are presented with a most interesting picture, which, if observed objectively, without prejudice or conditioning, offers a rare opportunity for us all to evolve.


“We have never asked: Who is the controller?” ~ Krishnamurti

Krishnamurti once said at a talk in Bangalore,

“So, we are confused; our relationships, our ideas, our governments are really confused. It is only a foolish man who does not see the confusion. The world is in an awful mess, and the world is the projection of ourselves. What we are, the world is. We are confused, fearfully entangled in ideas, and we do not know what is true and what is false; and being confused, we say, ”Please, what is the purpose of life, what is the need of all this mess, this misery?”

The oppositional environment we now observe on the world stage is representative of a schism within our own collective psyches. As Trump takes the position of, what for some might be considered one of the most powerful posts in the world, many sigh relief. Trump was able to gain his position, not as much based on his own merits, but on the absolute refusal of the mainstream populace to further be controlled by an obvious Illuminati puppet such as the Clintons (who, incidentally are no different than the Bushs.)

For anyone who needs a succinct example of cabal-control of the once-presidential hopeful, they need look no further than the Lynn Forester de Rothschild email written to Hillary on April 18, 2010, in which she tells Hillary that she would “love to catch up” — and “I remain your loyal adoring pal.” Clinton responds “let’s make that happen,” and signs her response, “Much love, H.”

There is much more proof of cabal-collusion through money trails, Wikileaks dumps, and a history of campaign finance by Goldman Sachs, one of the arms of the cabal, or as Matt Taibi so perfectly described the bank in a Rolling Stone article, “the vampire squid” of world control.

Taibi once again explains that we are all a little too quick to celebrate though. He says, “the vampire squid occupies Trump’s white house.” Trump specifically ran against Godman Sachs and its predatory banking practices during his campaign, but now is bowing to one of the world’s largest investment banks just as he is being sworn in.

Among Goldman Sachs venomous banking practices are sub-prime business loans at 125% interest, and the pre-meditated creation of a housing bubble, which they then cashed in on with billion-dollar government bailouts. Goldman Sachs is part of the federal reserve cartel (the Lehmen Brothers, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Barcalys, JP Morgan, Royal Bank of Scotland, etc.) and there is no denying it.

This brings us to yet another part of Krishnamurti’s Bangalore discussion,

“So, as you are confused, every man who becomes a leader, political or religious, is merely the expression of your own confusion, and because you follow the leader, he becomes the voice of confusion. He may lead you away from a particular confusion, but he will not help you to resolve the cause of confusion, and therefore you will still be confused because you create the confusion, and confusion is where you are. So, the question is not how to get out of confusion but how to understand it, and in understanding it, perhaps you will find the meaning of all these struggles, these pains, these anxieties, this constant battle within and without.”

We are confused, perhaps, because we continue to look to the government to save us. We refuse, collectively, to see that there is a larger hand controlling the moves of every political person, and though we gain some ground in some ways (Trump attacking the false-stream media, and championing alternative news) we fail at long-term change because we haven’t looked the vampire squid in the eyes.

Krishnamurti continues,

“So, is it not important to find out why we are confused? Can anybody, except a very few, say that they are not confused politically, religiously, economically? You have only to look around you. Every newspaper is shouting in confusion, reflecting the uncertainties, the pains, the anxieties, the impending wars; and the sane, thoughtful person, the earnest person who is trying to find a way out of this confusion surely has first to tackle himself. So then, our question is this, What causes confusion? Why are we confused? One of the obvious factors is that we have lost confidence in ourselves, and that is why we have so many leaders, so many gurus, so many holy books telling us what to do and what not to do. We have lost self-confidence. “

Being conscious of the confusion we can dissipate it, but we have to stop treating the presidency as a one-stop shop for creating solutions in our world. We have to stop giving our authority to others, and claim it for ourselves. The only thing keeping these structures in power is our false belief in them.

Finally, Krishnamurti attests,

“Are you burning to find out the truth of anything, whether of communism, fascism, or capitalism? To find out what is true in the various political actions, in the religious assertions and experiences which you so easily accept – to find out the truth of all these things, must you not be burning with the desire to know the truth? Therefore, never accept any authority. Sir, after all, acceptance of authority indicates that the mind wants comfort security. A mind that seeks security, either with a guru or in a party, political or any other, a mind that is seeking safety, comfort can never find truth, even in the smallest things of our existence.”

For nearly 100 years there has been a Secret Ruling Cabal of banksters and that has been running the USG and setting the policies of America which are based on altering public consciousness and perception. They only keep their power by keeping the truth from us. We only stay ignorant as long as we refuse to see the truth.

All wars are secretly arranged by this ruling class. The ruling class profits from these wars greatly, and does not care who wins, who dies, and who loses.

The Internal Revenue Service, incorporated in Puerto Rico is the collection agency (or the “muscle” if we speak of this in mafia terms) that takes the money from people throughout many countries, not just the U.S.

The Federal Reserve Bank is the umbrella controlling all the smaller banks, owned by a private central bank, and creating fake, fiat money out of thin air. The CIA, NSA, and FBI have all been infiltrated by this umbrella.

If anyone wants to climb the Cabal’s food chain and obtain higher status and position, they must be “players”, secretly honoring a luciferian religion, proving themselves to be comfortable attending Bohemian Grove human sacrifice rites and worshipping Moloch, among other compromising activities.

Extensive Mind Control is used on the world’s population to keep them in line.

There are higher forces, many say an alien race, controlling the political puppets which we see on the world stage.

As long as these truths are swept under the rug, and not dealt with, Trump, or any other president will have no true power to affect change.

The most important thing we can do, is to see the confusion. To acknowledge it is manufactured, and to stay vigilant in finding our own internal truth.

Who will rule the world, the dissidents or the fans? Neither. We have to wake up to the manufactured reality, and then our world will truly change.

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