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The Institutes of Technology Exposed: Academia’s Surprising Role in War, Science and the System



With a new face on the American empire, people are looking to vent their frustration on this icon: but who is truly responsible for creating tyranny and suffering in this world? What government, corporate, and institutional entities are truly responsible for shaping life to be hell on Earth for our “bottom” class of people, and how do they do it?

Answering this question, “who is morally culpable for degrading our world,” is critical for any person’s understanding of where we are at as a species.

This article will focus on a rarely touched aspect of the power structure: the institutes of technology, the entities of mad science, and these academic institutions that support the military industrial complex.

These schools pioneer science to the benefit of governments, corporations, and the class of people treating us like cattle. They march society on a path that does not benefit our people.

While they have created a wide range of things, from very helpful to incomprehensibly destructive, they fundamentally side with the people who are perhaps most morally culpable for war and human suffering: the state, and “defense” contractors who ally with the state, just to name a few.

According to Wikipedia, an institute of technology is “a type of university which specializes in engineering, technology, Applied Science, and possibly natural sciences.”

This is an introduction to 10 academic institutions who are marching us on a trajectory toward mad science, warfare, human suffering, and profit at the expense of our bottom class of people. Some are not specifically institutes of technology, but are integral parts of the system.

This should serve as a starting point to your own research: with a little digging, one can uncover much more about these foundational structures of what we call “the system.”

1. Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)

Carnegie Mellon University is, and has always been a center of scientific development for the powers that be, since the industrialist Andrew Carnegie founded it in 1900.

Andrew Carnegie was of course the steel magnate who shaped the 19th and 20th Centuries with such influence, his name should ring a bell the same way as the name “Rockefeller.”

Today, this Carnegie institution is in service to the NSA, the US war machine, and other pieces of the power structure.

People educated here often go into the NSA and other government agencies. Grants are made to CMU to develop things for the military industrial complex.

According to a Pittsburgh Business Times article titled “Carnegie Mellon University awarded $250M for new advanced robotics institute”:

“Carnegie Mellon University’s status as a major hub for robotics is getting a huge boost from the U.S. Department of Defense in the form of more than $250 million to start a new advanced robotics manufacturing institute in Pittsburgh.

The DOD announced the award to American Robotics, a nonprofit led by Carnegie Mellon that includes more than 220 industry, government and academic partners throughout the country. The new institute will get $80 million from the DOD and $173 million from partner organizations.”

According to an article from Cyber Scoop:

These schools offer a myriad of computer security training programs, each providing a stepping stone into the secretive agency. In this context, Carnegie Mellon University is to the NSA what the University of Alabama is to the NFL. And Professor David Brumley is CMU’s Nick Saban.

“As NSA’s Security Education Academic Liaison (SEAL) to Carnegie Mellon University since 2010 and knowing several CMU alumni that work at NSA, the quality of the individual that graduates from CMU is very high. They have made solid contributions to our mission,” said Ryan Agee, an NSA technical director.”

It makes sense that a school bearing the name “Carnegie” would be deeply in with the power structure.

2. Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)

Georgia Tech, or Georgia Institute of Technology works closely with the military industrial complex.

Georgia Tech works closely with DARPA, receiving contracts and exchanging in other ways. DARPA is the US war machine’s “mad science” division, a part of the Pentagon responsible for producing technology.

Georgia Tech has aided DARPA in creating these technologies:

– insect-like robotic legs for helicopters to land on uneven surfaces

– “big data” technology, particularly useful for an agency such as the Pentagon or NSA

– Ddos attack defense for the US military

– three-dimensional chip-cooling technology

– “strengthening resilience following malaria infections”

Georgia Tech is also known to work with the weapons dealers in bed with the US government, such as Northrup Grumman. According to Executive Biz:

“The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has awarded a $9.4 million grant to a Northrop Grumman-Georgia Institute of Technology partnership to develop a wireless monitoring method for Internet-of-Things devices.”

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Massachusetts is a center of “system” academia.

Entire books have been written about this institution’s involvement in warfare, such as the 1993 book “The Cold War and American Science: The Military-Industrial-Academic Complex at MIT and Stanford.”

From World War II, to the Cold War, to the present day, MIT has been and continues to be a central hub of science for the power structure.

Massachusetts could be considered a central place where the science of weather modification, or geo-engineering came about.

Geoengineering’s historical and present ties to Massachusetts, especially MIT, are documented in Peter A. Kirby’s book Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project.” For more about MIT and geoengineering, you can listen to this interview with Peter Kirby.

4. Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) is an original institute of technology, founded in Massachusetts in 1865.

It is involved with “food engineering,” biotechnology and genetic modification, “transgenic animals” or genetically modified animals using DNA of other species, nanotechnology, and many other things which they rarely acknowledge the dangers of.

Their support for genetically modified food is not very hidden. In a 2012 program titled “GMO Awareness at WPI,” they claim it is a myth that “GMOs cause illness and cancer.”

In 2017 more evidence has come out to suggest exactly how GM foods can be harmful. They probably will not want to recognize that.

Melinda Belisle is a WPI figure who they call the “GMO Gatekeeper.” As described on WPI’s website:

“Melinda Belisle ’08 is on a mission to defend how valuable genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, can be, despite the scorn that has been heaped on some agribusinesses’ GMO corporate practices. As a science and technology fellow with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, she works in the office that regulates GMOs which include engineered plants made to flourish in parts of the world beset by drought, climate change, and pest infestations.”

Same as many people in institutes of technology, she is working with the US government.

5. Michigan State University

Michigan State University is not an institute of technology, but like the other academic institutions in with “the system,” they are given money to develop potentially dangerous science that serves to benefit corporations and government.

They were given money from a government agency to develop genetically modified potatoes. According to Capital Press:

“J.R. Simplot Co., in cooperation with two Midwest universities, is developing a new line of genetically modified potato varieties intended to help fight hunger in Bangladesh and Indonesia.

The U.S. Agency for International Development announced Oct. 26 that it’s awarded a $5.8 million grant to Michigan State University to partner with University of Minnesota and Simplot in developing biotech Asian spud varieties with genes introduced to resist late blight.”

This “U.S. Agency for International Development” is another vaguely titled cog of the system, not really meant to be understood by the general public. This is an entity pouring millions of dollars into science that shapes society in the state’s image.

6. Purdue University

Purdue University is a home to biotech and big pharma.

A Purdue study had the audacity to claim climate change would be exacerbated by not planting GM crops. An article about it is titled: “Model predicts elimination of GMO crops would cause hike in greenhouse gas emissions.”

The article on the study says: “A global ban on genetically modified crops would raise food prices and add the equivalent of nearly a billion tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, a study by researchers from Purdue University shows.”

If that’s not a complete stretch to fit a narrative they are biased towards, I don’t know what is.

Purdue works with pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly and Company. A 2002 press release provides insight into this cooperation, with the title: “Eli Lilly and Company, Indiana University and Purdue University Join Forces to Advance the Study of Proteomics.”

Purdue University has a pharmaceutical division: the Purdue University College of Pharmacy.

According to Wikipedia: “The College of Pharmacy is one of eight major academic divisions, or Colleges, of Purdue University. It was established in 1884, and is the 3rd oldest state-funded school of pharmacy in the United States.”

7. The Modern War Institute

The Modern War Institute is a part of United States Military Academy at West Point (USMA).

According to their Facebook page: “The Modern War Institute (MWI) at West Point is a national resource within the Dept of Military Instruction that studies recent and on-going conflicts.”

They appear to be a kind of think tank organization similar to the Council on Foreign Relations but much lower level. This is one of many military academic institutions, with a particularly obscene name.

8. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (at Harvard)

This school within Harvard is home to David Keith, the famous geoengineer who is pushing to haze out the sun by spraying aerosols in the sky to “combat climate change.” He is “Gordon McKay Professor of Applied Physics” at the school.

Geoengineering (by seeding the stratosphere) is one of the most dangerous things that could possibly be done to us, and it would usher in a new era of warfare and involuntary treatment.

Yes, the US government is actually calling for research into geoengineering and the mainstream is pushing for it: as if they aren’t already spraying.

The skies being overtly hazed out for some allegedly benevolent purpose would set a precedent, making it to where anything could be sprayed on us: how could we differentiate the geoengineering material from whatever else is in the air?

David Keith surely knows geoengineering is a cover for weather warfare, but he is willing to use his career to push for spraying of the skies. This is exactly the type of mad science our world doesn’t need.

9. Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Virginia Tech)

Virginia is of course a center of government and military activity, and this influence extends fully into Virginia Tech.

DARPA works with Virginia Tech as well, with the school participating in the “DARPA robotics challenge” and any other activity you’d imagine with a school like this.

According to a VT publication:

Two Virginia Tech-affiliated teams are now in California for the finale of the DARPA Robotics Challenge, a worldwide competition to build prototype humanoid robots that can respond to disasters natural or man-made.”

There appears to be little concern of moral culpability: do the people working on robotics understand what it could be used for?

10. Israel Institute of Technology (Technion)

Israel Institute of Technology was founded as an early outpost of western academia in Palestine, before the creation of the state of Israel.

It’s first president was British industrialist Alfred Mond: this perfectly exemplifies how industrialists and business magnates influenced academia at the turn of the 20th Century.

They are involved with biotech and big pharma, and recently have published papers on encapsulating viruses or bacteria in electrospun nanofibers, to fix soil for crops or treat a water supply. Considerably dangerous technology could come, or may have already come from this institution.

According to Wikipedia:

“The Technion was conceived in the early 1900s by the German-Jewish fund Ezrah as a school of engineering and sciences. It was to be the only institution of higher learning in the then Ottoman Palestine, other than the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem (founded in 1907). Its cornerstone was laid in 1912, and studies began 12 years later in 1924. The Technion was the venue for Israel’s “battle of the languages”, an intense debate over the language of instruction.

In 1923 Albert Einstein visited and planted the now-famous first palm tree, as an initiative of Nobel tradition. The first palm tree still stands today in front of the old Technion building in the Hadar neighborhood. Einstein founded the first Technion Society, and served as its president upon his return to Germany.”

Continuing from Wikipedia:

“The Faculty of Biology was established in 1971. Advanced research is carried out in 23 research groups, focusing on a variety of aspects of cellular, molecular and developmental biology. The faculty has extensive collaborations with the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The Faculty has around 350 undergraduate students and over 100 graduate students.

Established in 1968, the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering has a multidiciplinary scope nurturing research activities that blend medical and biological engineering. Research projects have resulted in the development of patented medical aids. Recent research breakthroughs include the identification of a structured neurological code for syllables and could let paraplegics “speak” virtually through the connection of the brain to a computer.”


These institutions are part of a compartmentalized system of warfare.

They bear responsibility for rapidly dragging us into a world of genetic modification, biotechnology, and “synthetic everything,” while the powers funding them are abusing science to the fullest, ignoring moral or safety concerns wherever they please.

Governments and corporations use money to influence science toward a certain trajectory, giving grants and recruiting people.

Only by recognizing these institutions, can we fully hold people accountable when they develop technology that causes suffering.

Regardless of if scientists choose to ignore what they have done, they are morally culpable for what they create, and it is their responsibility to think of the toll it could take on humanity before they decide to create it.

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