New Moon in Aquarius January 27/28th: Dreams, Wishes & Chinese New Year

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Late in the night on Friday January 27th and early morning of Saturday the 28th (depending where you live in the world), there will be a beautiful new moon taking place at 8 degrees of Aquarius. This new moon is highlighted by Venus square Saturn and Mars moving into Aries just a few hours after the new moon. This new moon is also the beginning of the Chinese New Year, which is themed by the Fire Rooster.


The New Moon

With the new moon being in Aquarius, an air sign, our dreams and highest visions for ourselves and the world can be charged with a lofty mindset. This is good. A great way to utilize this energy is to create new affirmations/dreams/wishes and vocalize them out loud with a lot of passion and emotion behind it. What are you ready to begin anew? What dreams and wishes do you have that you want to begin? How can you best visualize these with emotion?

The new moon is also conjunct the asteroid Isis. Isis is the goddess of beauty and fertility. Utilize this energy in ways you see fit. This also means that for this lunar month, we could see geopolitical events and news centered around ISIL, the terrorist group. Keep in mind that this group hijacked the name of the Egyptian beauty and fertility (life itself) goddess in an attempt subvert the ideals of beauty and life. However, since the ideals of beauty and life cannot be fundamentally twisted, we are likely to see a quickening of the demise of ISIL throughout this next lunar month. In other words, if ISIL (and those that control ISIL) attempt to use the position of the asteroid Isis to initiate a black magic ritual at this new moon, it will ultimately backfire. Truth and beauty will continue to spread and as we saw with the recent women’s marches around the world, the divine feminine is rising very quickly now.

Venus Square Saturn

Relationships at this time will undergo changes of all sorts. Romantic relationships, personal relationships, our relationship with ourselves, relationships to money and relationships to what we love and value (Venus). Since the two planets are making a square, there is tension. This doesn’t mean it is a bad thing, it just simply means that there is awareness around the fact that something needs to “give” or “change” in relationship we have. Ultimately, this can be deeply rewarding and empowering since Saturn is involved. Saturn helps us to ground and structure things. Our relationships to what we love and value (whether that is a person, a place or a thing) will be looked at deeper. Circumstances may arise that make it clear some sort of change needs to happen.

Mars Moves Into Aries

Mars’ most comfortable place is in Aries. Mars is fiery and loves action. It initiates. It gets things done and gives us the energy to complete our tasks. Aries is fiery and also loves action. It is the first sign in the zodiac and so it too loves to initiate and get things done. Can you see where this is going? When Mars moves into Aries just a couple hours after the new moon, we are all going to receive a double boost of energy. Aries is also the rebel and the spiritual warrior. We can receive a lot of energy to begin or continue on with a spiritual practice we have and it can also motivate us to take action in a spiritual cause.

In the outer world, this is likely to produce even more revolutionary energy and will speed up the awakening for even more people. Many people at this time can come to realize their spiritual purpose. It can be alike an alarm clock going off for a large number of people around our world. This kind of energy can help even more people to become involved in a cause that is just and worthy for the upliftment of all humanity. We will certainly see even bigger calls for justice and fairness around the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Chinese New Year-Fire Rooster

Those born in 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993 and 2005 are known as Roosters in Chinese astrology. In a Rooster Year, everyone can reap excellent rewards by tapping into Rooster ideals. Loyalty, commitment, hard work, family values, and top-notch appearances are just some of the characteristics that will be rewarded this year. On a social scale, money and finance will be a big theme. Because the Rooster is classified as female metal, it implies that gold, jewels and metals will be a major topic. It also implies beauty, luxury and wealth.

This new moon/Chinese new year is set to be quite an exciting time. How can you best use this energy for yourself and for the collective?

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