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Pope Orders Purge of Freemasons from Knights of Malta



Some call the Freemasons a Jewish Luciferian cult, a religion of Judaism, based on the Babylonian Talmud, and the Jewish Kabala, an alchemical system of magic and deviltry, which form the basis for the Scottish Rite’s 33 ritual degree ceremonies. The freemasons are basically a warped, rogue community which took spiritual teachings meant for good and turned them to evil – the classic archetype which most can relate to being Darth Vadar – a ‘high priest” which sold his soul to evil and now is part-man, part machine, dying inside his own mask.

The Knights of Malta, some attest, are not an arm of the cabal, but another secret society. The Sovereign Military Order of Malta is a lay religious organization headquartered in Rome dating back to the First Crusade. They too have a bloody and questionable history. They were Christian crusaders who believed that bloodshed was necessary to ‘convert’ the evil. Funny then, that Pope Francis has ordered a purge of the Freemasons from the Knights of Malta. Which should truly be purged from the other?

The Holy Father instructed Cardinal Burke to “clean out” Freemasonry from the order. He is “deeply disturbed” by the fact that the Knights of Malta were handing out contraceptives in parts of Africa, according to Vatican journalist Edward Pentin.

The current wrangle centers around what Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin has described as an unprecedented crisis.” It first became public after the grand master of the Knights of Malta, Fra’ Matthew Festing, dismissed Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager as grand chancellor (the order’s third-ranking official) on Dec. 6, accusing him of being ultimately responsible for the distribution of contraceptives through the order’s humanitarian agency, Malteser International.

His insubordination has been called disgraceful”. The Vatican church teaches that the use of condoms is gravely immoral and the Knights of Malta have been passing them out to “protect against HIV” and other sexually transmitted diseases.

According to the Vatican’s semi-official newspaper, proponents of euthanasia and aborting chronically ill fetuses use the same arguments that were once used by the Nazis to promote their eugenics program of mass extermination; and indeed the eugenics movement is epitomized in forced sterilizations of women who were institutionalized in some way. Many state laws permitted this, and a landmark Supreme Court case, Buck v. Bell in 1927, ratified those laws; however, a United Nations WHO file suggests a dual purpose for Vatican supported vaccines.

A file titled Global Vaccine Market Features and Trends reveals incriminating evidence and financial motive for Vatican UN WHO criminal acts of terrorism, bioterrorism, mass murder and genocide. Almost every single person on earth would have to be vaccinated in order for the financial goals set forth by the Vatican in this document, to come to fruition.

While the Knights of Malta are no saints, purging their own Cardinals might be a better idea if the Vatican is truly trying to stop a eugenics movement, and prevent child harm.

Or is Pope Francis, linked to child sex trafficking, rape, and murder concerned about another outcome? His authority is now being challenged by the Knights of Malta over his sacking of a Catholic official.


Matthew Festing has resigned as leader of the Knights of Malta after a conflict that tested the authority of Pope Francis. Photograph: Reuters

As some experts are wise to point out, most fraternal societies are in-between good and evil, but all feed the same impulses as in Masonry: including knowing and holding secrets.

To say that the Vatican has a difficult relationship with the Knights (of Malta, Templar or otherwise) is a big understatement. The Knights were the crusaders and first international banking powerhouse in Europe – some say the seed of the modern Federal Reserve, and fractional banking system. After losing the Holy Land, they still held on to wealth and power.

Renegade Catholic explains, that this beef likely has much older roots,

“Only recently on the 700th anniversary did the Vatican belatedly let [the Templar Knights] off the hook, publishing a book with documents absolving them of heresy. Emboldened, a group claiming to be heirs then sued the Vatican for $150 billion. They later also demanded an apology.”

The Vatican laughed all this off, but it turns out the Templars’ great rivals were another order sworn to protect pilgrims on their way to the Holy Land: The Order of Knights of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem, now known as the Knights of Malta. They were actually founded before the Templars.

A little cabal infighting? Seems so.

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