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Satellite Tag on Rare Killer Whale Causes it to Die: Science, or Terrorism?



Humans are being ‘tagged’ all the time by the deep state – they’ve got us on our smart phones, our computers, and in the myriad of cameras placed throughout public places in the world. Satellite terrorism even allows the military to conduct non-consensual experiments on our emotional states, affected by ELF, and a virtual global grid, ‘radar’ used to guide acoustic and electromagnetic energies. This invasive spying is supported by satellites, cell phones, and the clandestine imbedding of head and ear implants. Now, the death of a killer whale in the Pacific Northwest that was being tracked with similar technology calls for a re-evaluation of its wide-spread use.

The Orca whale known as ‘L95’ was found dead, supposedly due to a botched tagging effort. A team of federal scientists were trying to ‘tag’ the dorsal fin of the killer whale with a dart rifle when the Pacific Ocean’s winds started to ramp up, turning the water rough. The satellite tag and dart they initially fired, missed the intended mark, landing in the water. After missing once, they tried again, seemingly hitting the 20-year old male whale in a ‘routine’ spot. All things seemed to be fine. This was in February of 2016.


Just last week an expert panel of scientists agreed that efforts to attach the satellite tag to the male whale likely paved the way for a rare fungal infection that killed the endangered mammal, leaving only 82 orcas left in that population.

Satellite tagging, reported National Geographic, “is becoming more widespread, becoming commercially available to scientists all over the world, but the level of experience and training people have around the world varies,” said Alex Zerbini, a NOAA scientist who has studied tagging’s impact on whales. “We need to be very careful. We need to take every precaution.”

A similar deduction could be made regarding the technologies which are being used to track and experiment on humans – without their knowledge and consent.

Elaborate frameworks have been constructed to deflect the suspicions like the myth and conspiracy surrounding the HAARP facility, the CIA experimentation and the torture associated with the research into mind control by the U.S. government. Many think it is only animals that are subjected to these cruel technologies – but one need only look at the government’s use of mind control using satellite and other technologies well documented from 1953 to 1964.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) conducted dozens of experiments on the effects of biological and chemical agents on American citizens without their knowledge in Project MKUltra. This program has over 90 different off-shoots. Covert tests included subjecting the unwitting subjects to hallucinogenic drugs and other chemicals.

Congressional hearings were conducted on MK Ultra, but almost all of the documents, except for the financial records which were kept in a separate building, had been shredded.

Universities, prisons, and scientific bodies participated in these mass experiments. According to the hearing report, MK Ultra was intended to “develop a capability in the covert use of biological and chemical materials.”

The satellite tag which killed the Orca was intended to follow a species whose environment has been horribly degraded by some of the very institutions which are meant to protect them, “to understand why they are disappearing.” Should we be worried – at least aware? The death of the Orca, minimally, is a cautionary tale for the use of these spying technologies.

Image: 1, US News, Associated Press

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