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A Third of People Given Antibiotics Don’t Need Them, WATCH to See How Superbugs Happen



Overprescribed much? Antibiotics are being given out like candy, and they don’t even touch many of the ailments they are being prescribed for. The result is a strain of mutant bugs that are resistant to pharmaceutical medications.


The CDC has even admitted that 1 in 3 antibiotics prescribed in the U.S. is totally unnecessary – many being prescribed for respiratory ailments like colds, viral sore throats, sinus and ear infections, etc. (which are caused by a virus, not bad bacteria).

Now, a new study confirms that we’re all helping to create super bugs – by demanding that our doctors give us antibiotics when we don’t really need them, but stuffing them down the throats of farm animals, all when we could easily resolve viral and bacterial infections alike with simple, easily accessible, affordable and NATURAL anti-microbial, anti-biotic, anti-viral, and anti-fungal plants and herbs.

Scientific findings presented at a conference last summer by researchers from the St. John Hospital and Medical Center in Detroit, is one of several recent reports which describe how antibiotics are being used far more than they are necessary in medicine.

The same researchers also discovered half of the antibiotics prescribed to treat common problems such as sore throats and ear infections shouldn’t be used because they’re “broad spectrum”—capable of killing many organisms and thus more likely than infection-specific “narrow spectrum” drugs to stimulate antibiotic resistance – including good bacteria which actually helps support our natural immunity.

Moreover, as Consumers Union (CU) reminds us, more than 80 percent of the antibiotics sold in the U.S. are used in meat and poultry production, so even if you aren’t asking for a prescription from your doctor, but you eat meat and poultry farmed in the U.S., it is likely full of antibiotics.

CU describes the problem,

“Antibiotics have been used since the 1940s and have led to a dramatic reduction in illness and death from infectious diseases.  But according to the federal Interagency Task Force on Antimicrobial Resistance, “[t]he extensive use of antimicrobial drugs has resulted in drug resistance that threatens to reverse the medical advances of the last seventy years.”

In the meantime, here are fifteen natural anti-biotics that don’t require a prescription, and that don’t cause bacteria to mutate into super bugs. Many of them have been clinically tested to interfere with the growth of pathogenic bacteria, and others among them have been used for centuries to clear up infections of all kinds:


Colloidal Silver

Manuka Honey

Oil of Oregano



Curry Powder

Oil of Thyme

Oil of Basil



Pau d’Arco

Olive Leaf Extract

Grapefruit Seed Extract

Cayenne Pepper

Watch how super bugs evolve to resist even the strongest antibiotics modern medicine can provide. After seeing this, you’ll really want to avoid them.

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