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Trump Vows to Use ‘Full Extent of Government’ to Stop Human Trafficking



After meeting with child trafficking experts, President Donald Trump just promised he would do his best to end the “horrific practice of human trafficking.”

He stated in a press conference on the subject,

“My administration will focus on ending the absolutely horrific practice of human trafficking and I am prepared to bring the full force and weight of our government both at the Federal level and other highest levels, whatever we can do, to solve this horrific problem.”

Trump continued,

Human trafficking is a dire problem both domestically and internationally.” He says it has largely been made possible by the use of the internet.

Trump is likely referring to the ‘deep web’ or dark web’ which has hundreds of thousands of users. As one writer detailed in Cracked  the deep web  is a hidden portion of the web (not indexed by search engines) where sites are password protected. Membership is by invitation only. Though it is often used by drug dealers to set up an exchange, it is mostly populated by pedophiles and gigabyte after gigabyte of child pornography.

The writer goes on to expose deep web site names like 7axxn with a community of “over 90,000” registered users, further revealing an even more troubling fact – that many pedophilia acts are “all in the family.”

A moderator on 7axxn with the sage-like moniker of sarahthecunt claims to have three children that she and her husband are “bringing up pedo” (her husband is a member, too).

Other sites like “Hard Candy” and “3DBoys” are places where pedophiles lure their under-aged prey into satanic sacrificial ritual acts, rape, molestation, and sexual degeneracy. Many of these children are also sucked into human trafficking and used as sex slaves both domestically and overseas.

Trump continued,

“Dedicated men and women across the federal government have focused on this for some time, as you know, but it’s been much more focused over the last several weeks.”

“We start with a tremendous amount of energy, blood sweat and tears.”

He also said that human trafficking isn’t talked about enough and that he plans to bring it out into the open to prevent some of the horrific crimes that are taking place.

Hopefully, the rampant infiltration of pedophiles into the highest levels of our government, and social structures won’t impede the investigations and arrests of those who are committing these acts.

As Petra Hensley who was kidnapped at a train station and taken into sex trafficking attests, it can happen to anyone, and does. She was treated like less than an animal, gang raped, and kept hostage after her kidnapping.

Melissa Woodward has shared how a relative groomed and sold her into sex-slavery, an organized crime ring that made more money than the illegal drug trade.

Just weeks ago, sixteen teenagers ranging in age from 13 to 17 were recovered by law enforcement in a crackdown on child trafficking surrounding the Super Bowl.

The global pedophile rings are tremendously large. If Trump is serious about cracking down on this issue, at least in the U.S., he should be commended. The problem has been utterly ignored for far too long.

Cathy O’Brien, a whistleblower and survivor of illuminati mind control and horrific sexual abuse had more than 27,000 documents, including insider testimony and medical records to prove these sexual abuses were happening and being ignored over a decade ago. Nothing was done to stop the perpetrators. Let’s hope that’s all about to change.

Featured image: The Associated Press, ABC

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