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2017 so Far: Is a Feeling of Hopelessness Gripping the Masses of People Who Care?



Is a feeling of disappointment, gloom, or hopelessness sweeping through the activist community, the “revolutionaries,” or the people who generally care about the future?

It seems like this is where we are at, in this “awakening” some of us have experienced in the past several years: a moment of transition.

In the past few decades, a seemingly small number of people in areas around the world have used the internet to understand what the world is made of, and why we are in servitude (or slavery) to a wealthy class of people who use “the system” to keep us in place.

Then, there are the masses of people who have no idea that we are in a state of slavery. They believe in authority and government still.

On both so called right and left wings of the bird of slavery, these people who fall for the dialectic have been in a frenzied, irritated state of division so far in 2017. At the same time, others are feeling quiet.

Hard hitting efforts to expose tyranny keep coming from entities like Wikileaks, which are understandably hard to accept as legitimate when people are weary of deception, false heroes, ect.

Those wise to propaganda have had moments of doubt believing in Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, but after all they’ve exposed, how could it possibly be a good thing for the powers that be? How could it benefit them to expose their own spy grid and the crimes of the CIA?

So this is 2017: so far it’s been a year of frenzied, irritated divisive debate, escalation of war, but at the same time it seems that some parts of the establishment are crumbing and slipping, but none of those people are really ever on our side and there are many prevalent ways of thinking right now that lead to confusion and division.

Many traps have been set to confuse us this year, and it looks like it can only intensify from here: but something about the way the truth just keeps persisting personally assures me that somehow we are blessed fighting “the good fight.”

So far it’s been strange with Pizzagate, the “De-Occulting of John Podesta,” and the explosive rise of people exposing pedophile rings and human trafficking. Somehow this dark underworld suddenly burst through the collective consciousness. Sometimes the truth just bursts through like that. If you’re unfamiliar with any of those things, there is a world of info out there to be researched at your will.

But this exhausting dialectic between Trump supporters and SJW’s, alleged right and left wing people seems to crash the inspiration of those who see past the dialectic.

I see some of the most aware people, the most resilient and least gullible people becoming depressed about our condition.

It does seem like somehow pedophile rings are being exposed in increasing frequency since Pizzagate broke, but Goldman Sachs’ friend Donald Trump is not helping or responsible for that from what we can tell.

In fact his administration was participating in human sacrifice a few days ago, bombing Mosul, Iraq, which killed over 200 completely innocent civilians. His Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is an ex-Exxon oil executive (Exxon is what Rockefeller’s Standard Oil turned into).

So in 2017, the war machine is stomping forward full force, the skies are still being sprayed (geoengineering and whatever else they might be spraying), and the effort to save indigenous land to be used for the DAPL pipeline was crushed with the force of the state leaving many with a defeated feeling unfortunately.

We need to raise our spirits.

Unfortunately, division and fighting continues between many people, and the noise of their division can damage the spirit of those people trying to create solutions outside the system.

I see people such as John Vibes and Derrick Broze hammering out guide books for the “revolution,” for Agorism, building our own way of life outside the systems of money, school, and government, by creating our own structures, communities, economies, schools, schools of thought, ect.

These solutions are common sense, pristinely clear to many of those who care. Now we just have to put an unimaginable amount of effort in, and dedicate our lives to freedom. We can start by growing our own food in whatever amount is practical. We can start by getting any practice possible in, living free and doing things our own way.

The solution to our entrapment in the “system” is to live independent of it. Of course it becomes less easy to do that every day with more laws being passed that restrict us.

So it’s true, this frenzy of division won’t stop, the propaganda is blaring 24/7, our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters live in a mess of toxic culture that grows stranger by the day, taking on various flavors and disguises.

But we’re blessed by this little window of time we have to get out of the system, where many of us still have some freedom left, and in some countries people still have the right to bear arms for self defense.

We can’t waste time or it will be so much more difficult to exit the system later. If we wait to start our own culture and detach from everything that enslaves and binds us, it will be unimaginably more difficult in the future, and we’ll pass the worse conditions to our children and their children.

As people seeking to build freedom and sovereignty outside the system, we must persevere in the face of what seems like complete futility.

We have to bounce back from this depression many of us good thinking people have found ourselves in: not be rigid and fail to learn the lessons of the depression, but after some deep, true thought about where we’re headed as people, we must stay strong. Periods of lowered morale are necessary to purify and humble us.

I know I’ve personally felt the depression, and the alternative media has with our Facebook pages that drive traffic consistently becoming less active despite gaining more followers. There is a consensus that Facebook is lowering our reach and messing with the algorithm. This can be devastating to the momentum of truth, but we should be able to thrive without a centralized social media platform like Facebook.

We should grow our own food in increasing amounts, learn to trade among each other instead of paying money to buy food from a slavery (government) supporting corporation like Wal-Mart.

But most importantly, we must practice and foster a culture of total non-compliance with un-just laws.

Not paying taxes, trading among each other without the knowledge of the state (this is where surveillance becomes a problem), practicing natural medicine without a license meant to stomp out the naturopaths who should have a right to do medicine their way, only these acts of disobeying unjust laws and making it a constant effort can possibly be a meaningful step in the right direction.

People must practice total non-compliance with tyranny to shake this depression and feel like we’re doing anything truly meaningful and effective. Only then can we know within ourselves that we tried, if not succeeded.

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