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Both Heads of the FBI and NSA Refuse to Show for a Classified Hearing on Capitol Hill



FBI Director James Comey and NSA Head, Mike Rogers have apparently refused to show up at a March 28, 2017 House Intelligence Committee classified hearing, sending messages that they would not be appearing.

Both men were to be questioned about the revelation proposed by Devin Nunes (R-C) that the Trump transition team had been surveilled in November, and December of 2016, and into January of this year by Obama’s Administration – just before Trump’s inauguration and through it.

This is considered quite the bombshell because it means that one presidential party was allegedly spying on another using the U.S. Intelligence agencies at its disposal, and not for maintaining national security. It is even more troubling considering the Democrats were blaming Russian spies for trying to interfere in the US election process.

Director of the FBI, James Comes

Director of the FBI, James Comey

As Nunes has stated,

“None of this intelligence collection was related to Russia or investigations of Russian activities or the Trump team.

“The U.S. Intelligence Community on numerous occasions collected information on U.S. citizens involved with the Trump transition.”

Nunes also said this collection may have been legal and called it “incidental.”

Details associated with U.S. persons associated with the incoming administration, details with little or no intelligence value, were widely disseminated in Intelligence Community reporting,” he continued.

The information purportedly comes from whistleblower Dennis Montgomery, who is being represented by lawyer, Larry Klayman. Klayman was to attend the hearing today, but it did not happen.

It is likely that Klayman would be asking questions which Comey did not want to answer.

Head of the NSA, Michael S.

Head of the NSA, Michael S. Rogers

To wit, Nunes had asked that the following questions be put to Comey and Rogers in the Intelligence Committee hearing:

Who was aware of this collection?

Why was this collection not disclosed to Congress?

Who requested and authorized the additional unmasking of the names of Trump officials from intelligence reporting?

Whether anyone directed the Intelligence Community to focus on Trump associates.

Whether laws, procedures or regulations were broken.”

Aside from the head of the FBI and NSA shirking their national duties by being present at a classified conference, it is hard to miss that the very heads of institutions which were set up to spy on American people are now being subjected to their own “rules” of war.

Some suggest the information collection by the FBI and NSA was aimed at gathering data that could be leaked to the press and then to subsequently hurt Trump’s reputation during the election.

Even when a member of Congress is surveilled by the FBI or NSA, they are supposed to destroy the information unless it is important for national security, not disseminated widely in the field, so what exactly what the Obama team trying to accomplish?

Is it possible that what Comey and Rogers were about to be exposed for – politically-motivated spying – the very same type of surveillance that innocent American people have had to endure since the Patriot Act?

As the saying goes, “You can run, boys, but you can’t hide.” If Comey and Rogers are trying to flee from larger truths, the public will eventually find out, as the number of whistleblowers willing to blow the lid off business-as-usual in Washington, are growing.

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