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3 Actions One Can Take to Exit the System, Truly Create a Better Future



Sometimes these days, it seems a feeling of hopelessness has settled on activists, people who care about the future.

From the hopelessness that can arise from watching so called left and right wing people battle on college campuses instead of directing their righteous indignation at those responsible, to the lack of interest a writer notices when the most important articles get the least views and meaningless, click-baity ones get the most, many activists long for the feeling of truly knowing they have done something to make a better future.

To fulfill this deep desire to actually affect our future and do something meaningful, this article will explore 3 tangible ideas a person can act on to know they did something to try and make a future for them and their children.

1. Growing food, raising cattle: eating only what you created or a fellow person created

To reacquire our human ability to produce food, and to unplug from the grocery store paradigm and monetary system, what is more powerful than producing one’s own food?

Realistically a person could turn every inch of arable land in their backyard into a garden, and after a hard season’s harvest, have enough food to sustain themselves on nothing but their own creation for a week, or a few weeks, less if they are feeding a family.

Protein filled, high yield necessity crops could be grown, such as:

– beans

– organic corn

– lentils

– potatoes

– rice

– squash

One could easily research what crops to grow and how to grow them. This article is a great starting point.

Ideally, people dedicated to sustaining themselves outside the system could save up enough money for a cheap plot of land, by pinching pennies. Then, one could produce possibly enough per season to sustain themselves for a few months.

Although it would take total dedication and extreme discipline, one could buy land and eventually produce enough food to only eat what they grew year-round.

Of course, one could also raise chickens and cows, and produce eggs, milk, chicken and beef. All a person has to do is use their mind, research, save their money, and be disciplined and patient.

2. Homeschooling, or “Un-schooling” children, to unplug from indoctrination and create your own culture

We live in an age of stagnant, regurgitated culture, and culture that is very centralized, originating in television and productions of extremely wealthy people who often have an interest in engineering society, creating culture that makes people consumeristic and docile.

It’s very difficult to keep indoctrination out of our children’s minds. It’s not easy to raise children, bouncing off the walls, and most parents feel forced to sedate them with television or video games, and place them in daycare, preschool, and public school.

However difficult it may be, many would like to keep their children away from the programming found in children’s television and worse, public school.

While being rigidly sheltered from television could be imbalanced, and cause a child to rebel, and public school can be excellent for introducing children to other kids, it’s possible to raise them outside the system without neglecting those benefits.

One could give their kids other creative outlets other than TV, such as: playing music (for younger children percussion can be better, piano, drums though they are loud, ect), gardening, drawing our building things, ect. More creative ideas exist.

To not be overly rigid and have an opposite effect in parenting, a parent could show their children what TV and public school are, and explain how they indoctrinate and damage them. Perhaps they could have the option of having TV or public school, or for a short period of time, just to show them what they are like.

As for education, it has been known since the days of the Trivium method of education that children naturally learn on their own, and simply being around them as a parent and teaching them whatever comes up all day every day is sufficient.

However, proper un-schooling requires a stay at home parent, or a parent working from home.

If you live in an area where the state sends police to homes of children who don’t attend public school, or a govt worker, there is no shame in putting on a charade that they they are learning the “required” common core indoctrination material.

They may test your child to ensure they can regurgitate things: in this case, a parent could explain to their child that the state is using force and coercion to try and indoctrinate them, and they could learn the bare minimum to regurgitate to the govt worker to pretend they are learning what the system wants.

And that strategic disobedience of an unjust law brings us to our final idea.

3. Strategic refusal to pay taxes

When you buy food at a grocery store and pay tax, or submit your income taxes every year, or work a job that takes taxes out of your income, you are literally funding the murder of innocent men, women and children, from Syria, to Yemen, to Somalia, to Afghanistan and everywhere in between.

To truly dis-empower the system and quit participating, one must take risks. By any means necessary, we should have no moral obligation to submit dollars to this illegitimate authority: all people have to do is get strategic to avoid the consequences threatened by the state.

If they don’t know how much money you make they can’t easily tax it. To avoid informing the govt how much you’re making, one could:

– work under the table, for cash

– refuse to use a bank account

– buy food from local farmers or producers of food, paying no tax

– refuse govt aid or any kind of govt program that requires income or tax info

Only by complete and total disciplined non-compliance with the system, no matter what the consequence, can we have a shred of hope for a free and prosperous future for our children on the trajectory we are on.

Only total, every day dedication to living free can satisfy the activists’ desire to know that they’ve done something truly effective to make a better life, to truly know they have done everything they could even in the face of total futility.

So if you truly, deeply want to live your life independent of the system and take action to create a better future, you might want to try one of these ideas.

Better yet, you could create your own ideas and act on them with discipline and patience.

Please share this with as many people as possible: go out of your way to show these ideas to people and really live outside the system. That is what it will take to have freedom or prosperity in the future on our trajectory.

(Image credit: the Houston Free Thinkers)

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