Baby May Be Seized by the State Because Parents are Minors: Mainstream Media Belittles Them

In Sydney, Australia, a young couple had the authority-defying idea to protect their own baby from the state seizing it, only to be ridiculed by mainstream media. Believing the government would take their child simply for being minors, the parents ran away with their baby from the hospital shortly after her birth.

It is unknown whether the baby is in state custody or with the parents. Mainstream media reported that the baby had been “returned to the hospital.”

According to the notoriously state worshiping, Rupert Murdoch controlled Daily Telegraph:

“The teenage parents who sparked panic after fleeing a Sydney hospital with their newborn baby have claimed they only ran off because they desperately wanted to spend Easter with their daughter before she was “taken away” from them by Child Protective Services.

Jayden Lavender, 14, told Seven News he just wanted a few extras days with baby daughter Aria Jayde Tanya when he and 15-year-old girlfriend Jenifer Morrison smuggled her from Nepean Hospital yesterday.

They were found yesterday afternoon in Captain Cook Dr in Willmot, and Aria, unharmed, was taken back to Nepean Hospital.

The teens were interviewed by police but no charges were laid.”

Local Channel 7 News (funded by Yahoo) acted like the parents did something wrong trying to keep their own baby:

The fact is, we live in a world full of dangers that most people are oblivious to: from propaganda on television, to toxic “medicine” and food, many parents who are adults have no more idea how to raise a child than teenagers, and state authorities can be guaranteed to raise a child wrong because the morals and values propagated by the system are always the ones that lead to enslavement.

The truth, that is completely essential to raising a healthy and sane child, is not easy to find in this world. The norm is the opposite of what is healthy and sane for a child, and a monopoly on violence beholden by the state protects this backwards paradigm.

From vaccination, to circumcision, to toxic baby formula, to toxic food, to psychiatric drugs pushed on children as young as 3, the powers of good parenting are desperately needed in the 21st Century.

So with this biased news clip, why is it being brought to our attention? Is someone attempting to manufacture consent for the state seizing children?

Australia has one of the most out of control “child protection” policies of any western nation, and it’s getting worse.

You can find headlines such as “Australia branded ‘child-stealing capital of the Western world’.”

To support parental rights, please share this with as many people as possible.

(Image credit: Daily Telegraph)

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