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Why Global Healing Is About To Accelerate



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How often have we truly wanted to forgive a situation, a person, or even ourselves only to keep reliving whatever occurred in the depths of our soul?  How does healing truly happen, and how can we let it unfold in a natural process that involves love for self and others? One traditional method from Hawaii is called Ho’oponopono.

On November 14, 2016, I expressed my deep feelings about Ho’oponopono through an article I wrote for The Mind Unleashed titled, Ho’oponopono: Healing for Ourselves & Our World.  During the Presidential election in the United States, I felt there was a deep need for healing, all around.

As we know from many spiritual traditions,  all experiences that take place are reflected: as within, so without.  I believe deeply, what occurs in the world to be a reflection of something in each and every one of us, which is also the basis of Ho’oponopono. The way the election season played out, and this is not merely a reference to the results, but the whole election process and season, revealed deep disharmony, disrespect all around, and pain within society for months to a year to now.

Through forgiving, we enlarge our future and we restore hope. We also release the burden of the hurt our heart has carried. As we set a daily intention to forgive, we can ask that any pain still remaining be sent out to the Universe to be blessed and restored to its natural state, that of love. We know love heals all, and this is a powerful intention.

What I have noticed, is at times for it to truly be effective, we must give it time and be patient with the process. We must practice self-love with ourselves and others.  Forgiveness and healing take time, and it can be an important tool to give yourself space from that which you wish to forgive. That being said, there has also been instant healing and forgiving through Ho’oponopono. We must stay open to how little or how much time our heart and soul needs.

If you are new to Ho’oponopono, I suggest you read the article I referenced above.  It is based on my reading of a small yet powerful book, and the energy of that time period.  There is also a great event on April 21st, one day before Earth Day.  It is a global Ho’oponopono meditation for Earth Day.  There will be Hawaiian and also non-native practitioners coming together to support the unified gathering for Mother Earth.  This is to be a powerful and transformational healing for our Earth, which we all share and receive love from.  Here is some information from the event’s website.

Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian healing ceremony that invites practitioners to clear blocked energy, trauma, and wounds thus converting negative energy into positive energy, love and deepened connection. The problems we face on Mother Earth are the result of humans being out of balance with themselves, each other, and our natural environment. To bring healing to the earth we must first look within and bring resolution to the history which brought us to the present moment.”

Notice, again, the reference to looking within first to heal, transmute, and transform outer conditions. A powerful reminder. Please watch this short video, and continue reading below, for more information.

We have seen the power and effectiveness of global synchronized meditations, and thus we know how powerful this event can be when we unite in Oneness.  There are numerous studies available through the Maharishi Institute to demonstrate just how transformational the unity of consciousness is on our environment.  As activist, writer and philanthropist Lance Schuttler explains:

The ‘Maharishi Effect,’ which occurs during synchronized meditation, has been studied in 33 countries, by over 250 independent research institutions and in over 600 studies. It has been shown to have positive effects on many social, political and economic areas in our world, including reduced acts of terrorism and crime. Scientists believe this is due to a coherent resonance being created in the Unified Quantum Field by those meditating. How then does this spread to an entire group from one localized position? Think of a laser. It’s coherent light is established by what is known in physics as the Field Effect.”

The Field Effect’s principle, according to The Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy is, “that it is not necessary to act individually on each individual constituent of a system, but that the system can be handled in one stroke at the collective level.”

As physicist, author, and speaker Gregg Braden has said, “Our beliefs have the power to change the flow of events in the universe-literally to interrupt and redirect time, matter and space, and then events that occur within them.”

When we come together we can elicit powerful change.  We need not wait for politicians, governments or Institutions to make the change for us.  So often we hear the quote, “be the change that you wish to see in the world” by Mahatma Gandhi, and this truly is not only a powerful statement, but incredibly potent when put into action.  Once we start living what we want to see in the world, we prove this to be true.

We can come together, and in fact, we must come together, to create sustainable change from within that shines throughout our world.

As we are teachers along this path, showing the way, all around us too are many ready and willing to teach us with their own ways. Healing is a lifetime adventure. It gives us the chance to grow and learn, to become more humble and true, and during this whole adventure you become more authentically you.

There are so many examples of initiatives that started out in small towns that have been having global effects.  In Iowa City, Iowa, USA, activist, nurse, pastor and gardener, Blair Frank, created a garden, Gaia’s Peace Garden, to help sustain Mother Earth and the community at large. It has received international attention and visitation for it’s healing potential for those who visit it as well as for those who have assisted Blair and his wife Mary.  One woman explained, “the healing energy from Gaia’s Peace Garden has stayed with me since first visiting in 2013, and I am deeply grateful for this special garden’s existence.”  Gaia’s Peace Garden has become a great model for our communities, as this article explains in more detail.

The intentions of just one to a  few individuals, in a small town, in a place quite remote from where others may live, can have great effects for all.  Our potential to have an impact starts with our intention to do good for ourselves and others, and when we do that with deep passion it creates ripples of love in the Universe.  We all feel it, and deep down we can each think of at least one person or one situation that has had this effect upon us.

Let me add one more example as many of us are familiar with the work of the late and great Dr. Masaru Emoto, who taught us the power of water, consciousness and intent on water.

James McMath and his partner Sabine Steinhardt, are two visionaries, who are dedicated to “creating a new way of doing business, which promotes the health and wellness of the people and the planet”.  They created Pristina Natural based on the research of Dr. Emoto in Santa Fe, NM, USA, to bring the power of crystalline structured water to all people.

Just a few years back, this water was primarily sold in New Mexico, and now we see it highly desired and being sold throughout the country.  Many expect it to be sold internationally soon as everyone, including Dr. Mercola, who is a respected authority on health and wellness in the USA and abroad, are realizing how much people and the planet benefit from pure premium crystal water as it is also supported by the Emoto Institute.

Hado creates words. Words are the vibrations of nature. Therefore beautiful words create beautiful nature. Ugly words create ugly nature. This is the root of the universe.
~Dr. Masaru Emoto

As with all things, there is a beautiful story behind the picture of this water crystal called, “love”. As James McMath explains, the water that the above water crystal is made of was from a polluted reservoir that was blessed by a Buddhist Priest. After the blessing, the water was brought back to life and this truly loving crystal emerged. This is the beauty of healing, transformation and intention demonstrated through water.

These endeavours, as with many, started very small, yet with big healing intentions for our World and our Planet. Who and what in your town, city, community, country and world have had an effect on the acceleration of healing in our world?  What gifts are you ready to give birth to for your fullest expression, and for that of your fellow Beings?  How can you be of service with your gifts?  Now is the time.

May we be grateful for the journey, and may the flowing words of Ho’oponopono flow with ease from our hearts out into a world that needs our love so dearly.  If there was ever a time to shine your light, this surely is it.  Let there be no doubt, you and all your gifts are needed.

Let us close with a Ho’oponopono for anything that may be troubling your beautiful soul, and thus the World and our Earth:

I’m sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

I love you.


As we let go, forgive, and heal, may we continue to see our beautiful reflection in the world around us.  We are a part of the infinite One.

Mother Nature is deserving of our love, and our Earth needs our attention.  Will you join in the Global Ho’oponopono for Earth Day? Let us come together, in the spirit of Ho’oponopono. Together we can continue to accelerate global healing through this event. Please visit the event’s website or the event’s FB page to get more information on the April 21st global Ho’oponopono, and to join in.

“Hawaiians, living on islands with finite land resources, have a powerful cultural practice that is valuable to all of humanity at this time. Mālama Pono means ‘to take care of one’s self’. Since the health of our planet and the individual is intertwined we are inviting all to join us for Earth Day by starting within using this simple and profound healing practice.”

Peace and love be with us all, and may all we do be infused with gratitude.

Ulonda Faye has a B.A. in Political Science and International Studies, and studied Peace and Conflict Research during her Masters program in International Relations. She survived a Near Death Experience during an accident that led her into Mind-Body-Spirit studies. She is a certified Wellness Practitioner, Rejuv Miracles Practitioner, and holistic esthetician as well as an ordained spiritual minister. Her services are available in person or through Skype and are offered in English and German. For more information, please visit her FB page or

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Ancient History

6 Year Old Finds Fossil In Family Garden That May be 488 Million Years Old



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Children have a natural fascination with rocks, with many of us having spent some days as children standing awe-struck at our museums or science centers looking at dazzling arrays of stones, or learning about the different types that can be found out our local beaches, parks, or hiking trails.

However, none of us managed to make the sort of discovery that one young boy in the U.K. did.

Siddak Singh Jhamat, known as Sid, found a fossil in his garden that dates back millions of years.

Sid found the fossil in his backyard garden in the town of Walsall using a simple fossil-hunting kit he received as a gift, reports the BBC.

His father Vish Singh was then able to identify the fossil as a horn corral that dates back 251 to 488 million years with the help of a Facebook fossil group.

“I was just digging for worms and things like pottery and bricks and I just came across this rock which looked a bit like a horn, and thought it could be a tooth or a claw or a horn, but it was actually a piece of coral which is called horn coral,” Sid explained.

“I was really excited about what it really was.”

His father Vish added:

“We were surprised he found something so odd-shaped in the soil… he found a horn coral, and some smaller pieces next to it, then the next day he went digging again and found a congealed block of sand.

“In that there were loads of little molluscs and sea shells, and something called a crinoid, which is like a tentacle of a squid, so it’s quite a prehistoric thing.”

The father believes that the distinctive markings on the fossil make it a Rugosa coral, meaning it could be up to 488 million years old.

“The period that they existed from was between 500 and 251 million years ago, the Paleozoic Era,” Vish said.

“England at the time was part of Pangea, a landmass of continents. England was all underwater as well… that’s quite significant expanse of time.”

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Ancient History

Researchers Find 50,000-Year-Old Frozen Body of Extinct Woolly Rhino in Siberia



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Researchers in Siberia have stumbled upon the 50,000 year-old remains of a rare woolly rhinoceros that was trapped in permafrost.

The remains of the woolly rhino were excavated from the Abyisky district of the Sakha Republic. The rhino was first discovered by a local in Siberia named Alexei Savin, Business Insider reported.

Savvin stumbled upon the remarkable find walking near the Tirekhtyakh River in Yakutia, Siberia last August.

It’s worth noting that this woolly rhino was found close to the site where a previous baby woolly rhino named Sasha was discovered back in the year 2014. Woolly Rhinos were once believed to have been prevalent in Europe, Russia and northern Asia thousands upon thousands of years ago until they ended up extinct.

Paleontologist Albert Protopopov of the Academy of Sciences of the Sakha Republic unveiled that the baby woolly rhino would have been approximately three to four years old when it died presumably from drowning.

The only other woolly rhino thus far that has been discovered in these regions — Sasha — was dated to be from around 34,000 years ago. However, Protopopov suggests that the newly discovered body could be anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 years old.

However, despite the body being there for so long according to Protopopov “among other things, part of the internal organs are preserved, which in the future will make it possible to study in more detail how the species ate and lived.”

Protopopov further added, “Earlier, not even the bone remains of individuals of this age were found, not to mention the preserved carcasses of animals. As a rule, these were either cubs or adults.”

A fellow paleontologist Valery Plotnikov from the Academy of Sciences further adds, “We have learned that woolly rhinoceroses were covered in very thick hair. Previously, we could judge this only from rock paintings discovered in France. Now, judging by the thick coat with the undercoat, we can conclude that the rhinoceroses were fully adapted to the cold climate very much from a young age.”

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Ancient History

Isaac Newton’s Secret “Burnt” Notes Included Theory That Great Pyramids Predicted Apocalypse



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Sir Isaac Newton, one of the most famous scientists of recorded history, left behind a large body of work that is still vital in our understanding of the world today. However, as with many public intellectuals, he also had plenty of work that was never shared with the public, even after his death.

Now, for the first time ever, some of these unpublished notes are being auctioned off, and these notes contain some of his most wild theories, and includes his thoughts on the occult, alchemy, and biblical apocalypse theory. Newton was known to dabble in the more esoteric realms of study, but very little written evidence remains about his specific thoughts on mystical topics.

Some of the remaining manuscript notes are currently being auctioned by Sotheby’s. The notes have been through a lot, and are obviously burned. The auctioneers claim that the notes were damaged in a fire that is believed to have been started by a candle that was accidentally toppled by Newton’s dog, Diamond.

According to the auction listing, “These notes are part of Newton’s astonishingly complex web of interlinking studies – natural philosophy, alchemy, theology – only parts of which he ever believed were appropriate for publication. It is not surprising that he did not publish on alchemy, since secrecy was a widely-held tenet of alchemical research, and Newton’s theological beliefs, if made public, would have cost him (at least) his career.”

The notes currently have a leading bid of £280,000, the equivalent of about $375,000.

In the notes, Newton speaks on some far-out topics that would surprise modern thinkers. For example, Newton’s notes include a theory that ancient Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza predicted the apocalypse. While it is unclear what logic he used to get to his conclusion, the theory began with his study of how the pyramids were designed according to an ancient Egyptian unit of measurement called the royal cubit.

While studying the pyramids and the cubit, Newton believed he developed an insight into sacred geometry, which somehow aligned with the apocalypse predictions in the bible.

“He was trying to find proof for his theory of gravitation, but in addition the ancient Egyptians were thought to have held the secrets of alchemy that have since been lost. Today, these seem disparate areas of study – but they didn’t seem that way to Newton in the 17th century,” Gabriel Heaton, Sotheby’s manuscript specialist, told The Guardian.

“It’s a wonderful confluence of bringing together Newton and these great objects from classical antiquity which have fascinated people for thousands of years. The papers take you remarkably quickly straight to the heart of a number of the deepest questions Newton was investigating,” Heaton added.

Interest in alchemy and mysticism was not unusual for serious scholars at the time, in fact, it was recognized as a legitimate field of scientific study.

“The idea of science being an alternative to religion is a modern set of thoughts. Newton would not have believed that his scientific work could undermine religious belief. He was not trying to disprove Christianity – this is a man who spent a long time trying to establish the likely time period for the biblical apocalypse. That’s why he was so interested in the pyramids,” Heaton said.

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