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Int’l Banking Whistleblower Reveals High Level Pedophilia And “Child Sacrifices” In Interview



Ronald Bernard didn’t always have a conscience. He says, “I was training to become a psychopath and I failed.” He credits himself with helping to crash the Italian economy and bankrupting companies with his skills, as well as owning controlling shares in over 299 of the world’s largest companies, but that is just the beginning of his story.

He admits that at one point in his life he would deal with drug-lords, and Satanists just as easily as any “regular Joe” that might be one of his clients as a high-level banking executive and business man. He says that laundering money for political and social upheaval as well as drug pushing, international arms sales, and even human trafficking was the norm for him.

Bernard didn’t finally have what he calls a “breaking point” until he was asked to sacrifice children in Satanic rituals by some of the elite individuals who were above him in the Illuminati.

Having suffered a difficult childhood himself, and finding himself unable to participate in the unspeakable acts he was asked to perform, he finally started to refuse assignments in his banking job and decided to go public with what he knows about the banking industry.

In the following video he reveals that the banking elites are tied to every form of horror that we currently face in the world today – the least of which is usury and fractional banking which makes us all slaves to an elite class of 1-percenters who worship Satan.

Bernard says this is not a metaphorical Satan which these people worship, but a real one. His testimony is difficult to hear, but imperative to listen to in a time when pedophilia and human trafficking is being exposed at every turn.

To wit, Aleister Crowley (who once proclaimed himself to be the Great Beast 666)  once joined a secret society called Ordo Templi Orientis who created a system of sex magick rituals designed to help practitioners open themselves up to communion with demons. Part of the ritual system includes worship of a being known as Baphomet, otherwise known as Lucifer. Sex by individuals such as Crowley is deemed one of the most powerful forces of supernatural, and “magikal” power in the Universe. He and his cohorts took Hindu and Tantric practices and bastardized them into an excuse to perform highly deviant sexual acts.

People should understand that those who participate in pedophilia and other deviant sexual acts seek the power of God. Crowley and those who worship Lucifer, or Baphomet, or Satan – whatever name you want to give him –  understand that sexual energy has incredible power. It can be used for good or evil – such as to create a beautiful child, or a new flower in nature, or to twist natural order, and promote further evil.

The two different uses of this power are described in the Left Hand and Right Hand paths of ancient esoteric Tantra. You can think of them also as “white magic” used for good, and “black magic” used for evil.

The Left Hand path was considered extremely deviant and extreme, and described in the Vamachara. The Right Hand path is more in line with cultural sexual norms, and is defined as Vamacara. Both have been greatly changed from their original intent, which was to bring about enlightenment.

The Left Hand path supposes that even the most abject of human desires is normal” and should be given the freedom to be expressed, without considering the harm that this might do to others, nor the reason those supposed “desires” were formed to begin with (i.e., that they may have been created artificially through coercion, abuse, mind-kontrol, ego-annihilation, etc.) There are mounds of studies showing that children who live through sexual abuse are more likely to have a desire for aggressive sexual relationships, and other such otherwise unlikely phenomenon.

Moreover, scientific analysis has demonstrated that pedophiles who admit having an erotic interest in children significantly more often claim that they had been sexually abused as children than pedophiles who do not admit having such feelings.

When Bernard’s testimony is compared to that of the retired FBI head, Ted Gunderson, it is clear that we need to expose this issue to its very roots, in order to stop it.

Bernard says that the elites began to fear him because they could no longer blackmail him. It seems these deviant sexual acts are used frequently as a way to enforce control on notable people in politically visible positions of power – yet they do not hold the power, the Satanists do, until they have been fully revealed.

The elites’ power only remains in their ability to brainwash and control. Once they are exposed for creating a circular-model of fear-based, self-mutilation, and perpetual abuse, they will be brought to justice by the True Goodness of the Universe which allows all free will.

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