In Australia, pharma industry tied Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and others have been pushing hard for mandatory vaccination. Politicians and media have cultivated and agitated a debate about mandatory vaccination in the past several years.

Parents have been fighting to preserve their right to choose, and have been organizing with conviction rarely seen in activists.

People who have had their children or relatives damaged by vaccines constitute a large part of this movement.  They have been dubbed “anti-vax,” but they really just want their own personal right to choose.

They know that thousands of people have been permanently injured, paralyzed, or killed by several different vaccines, from the MMR to Gardasil. They have organized in Facebook groups with thousands of people, and have been mocked by mainstream media.

In response to mandatory vaccination, one Sydney mother decided to start her own vaccine-free daycare. Her announcement wasn’t even very public. It was in a Facebook group called Vaccine Free Australia, which the Daily Telegraph disparagingly called a “secret” Facebook group.

They must have infiltrated it as the basis for their article. It’s unusual for mainstream media to cite Facebook group posts as the foundation for an article: this is a sign of the voracity for which they are targeting people who are against mandatory vaccination.

According to the Daily Mail:

“A mother is seeking expressions of interest to open a ‘vaccine free childcare’ in her own home. Heidi Street, from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, turned to the secret Vaccine Free Australia Facebook group last week to promote the service, the Sunday Telegraph reported.

Ms Street, who has two children of her own, said she has ‘a strong passion for children’s health and wellbeing’.

New South Wales implemented ‘no jab, no play’ laws in 2014 which mean unvaccinated children can be banned from childcare centres. But parents who object to vaccinations are still allowed to present a form co-signed by them and a doctor or an authorised immuniser.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull this month announced he wanted to close that loophole and also have all unvaccinated children banned from being enrolled in childcare centres and preschools across Australia.”

The only effective enough solution to unjust laws is to break them. It can be argued that the only meaningful action that can be taken against something like this is non-compliance, so naturally someone decided to make an alternative outside the system. Because this is an effective solution to mandatory vaccination, the mainstream media has made intense efforts to criticize it.

Reading from a Daily Telegraph article titled “Vaccinations: Northern Beaches mum wants to open ‘vaccine-free daycare’ to avoid No Jab No Play laws”:

“ANTI-vaccine activists are using secret Facebook groups to set-up backyard daycare centres to skirt No Jab No Play laws.”

The Daily Telegraph is a mainstream media outlet known for supporting the state to the extreme. An Era of Wisdom article referred to their propaganda, with the headline ““It Should Be Illegal to Be a Stay at Home Mom”- Mainstream Media.”

Another headline from the Daily Telegraph reads: “Just when you thought anti-vaxxers couldn’t get more stupid.”

They called parents who refuse vaccination stupid, and “medical terrorists.” The article reads:

“Anti-vaxxers have a special seat reserved for them at hell’s dinner table, right next to Holocaust deniers and those who think 9/11 was an inside job.”

“It’s January 2016 and the Federal Government’s No Jab No Pay legislation, designed to hit loonies in the hippy pocket where it hurts, is now in effect.

The law strips rebates, childcare benefits and a handful of tax supplements from parents who refuse to immunise their kids.

But incredibly those “parents” who — in the face of all proven science refuse to vaccinate their own flesh and blood — have developed a sinister new tactic to push their farcical agenda.

In their day-to-day dealings, their innocent but unvaccinated kids are mixing with ours.

And we are none the wiser because a growing number of deluded vaccine haters in this country are keeping their fanaticism a secret.”

“The anti-vaxxers preach that they deserve the right to decide, as long as all parents make the decision the anti-vaxxers want. They are our contemporary medical terrorists.”

In response to the vaccine-free daycare idea, bureaucrats threatened to use force against “services” who accepted unvaccinated children at their day cares. The Minister for Early Childhood Education Leslie Williams said:

“As a former nurse, I am appalled that a service of this type would be suggested. In NSW, we have a ‘no jab, no play’ policy. Services who do not comply face penalties, including prosecution.”

So what do free people do in response to governments using force against them, for doing what they should have a natural right to do?

They break the law in private. They don’t communicate about their childcare, or let the government know what they are doing: and this is where the surveillance grid being set up around us becomes so dangerous.

The mainstream media in Australia, the government officials speaking through them, and all those seeking control over the citizens know just how detrimental disobedience is to their agenda.

They know complete and total non-compliance with the law is one of the most powerful things people can do to reject it, so they’ve been propagandizing hard about how bad vaccine-free parents are.

This paints a picture of a vaccine debate so polarizing, so voracious and intense, it can’t really be compared to anything.

The only thing so called “anti-vax” parents want is the right to abstain from their children being vaccinated. They aren’t trying to force anything on anybody else, but the pro-vaccine people are trying to say it’s a risk to everyone else that other people are unvaccinated.

(Image credit: Parent Map)