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How to Read the Body’s Fascinating Energetic Messages



Any ache, sickness, pain, or discomfort in the body is its way of communicating a deeper, metaphysical message to us. Many of us ignore these messages, or simply become so used to feeling less-than-wonderful that we forget this is one of the few ways our intuitive selves can “talk” to us about what is going on at a deeper level. As you read through the energetic message behind the following pains and ailments, consider what your body may be trying to tell you.

Bodily conditions are not just psycho-somatic, they are energetic signatures that need to be heeded. For instance:


If you persistently have a skin condition such as eczema or psoriasis, or even overly-dry skin or acne, it is likely that you aren’t feeling good about yourself on the deepest level. Our skin represents the way we present ourselves to the world. An imperfect self-concept will sometimes display to the outer-world as imperfect or blemished skin. If you feel that no matter what you do, it isn’t good enough, this will be revealed in the quality of your skin. Instead of becoming dismayed by the outer reflection of a wounded inner self, focus more on your strengths instead of your imperfections. Focus on Self love.


The head, pituitary, and pineal gland are all governed by the Crown chakra located at the top of the skull and just beyond it. If you get headaches, have poor eyesight, or have a left-brain imbalance (meaning you only think logically and have a hard time tapping into your intuition) this could mean that your crown chakra is not getting the Qi (life force energy) that it needs.

Other symptoms may appear as a disconnect from your spiritual source, bipolar disease, apathy, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinsons’s, Dyslexia, and addictions to substances or people.

Information overload, or sensitivity to “too much stimulation may also be common for people with a blocked crown chakra. You may also suffer a reaction as the crown chakra opens and you become more psychic, such as an itchy, dry scalp. To clear the energy of the crown chakra, try listening to this vibration.


The heart chakra governs our relationships with others. It is no mistake that people say, “I felt like I was dying of a broken heart,” after a break-up, divorce, or death of a loved one. The heart governs our ability to give and receive compassion. When the heart chakra’s energy is balanced, we can give love, and also easily receive it.

When out of balance – either over stimulated, or under stimulated – we can feel overwhelmed, lethargic, sad, depressed, have a lack of self-discipline, suffer from jealousy, greed, or excess anger. Almost all forms of heart disease is linked to a problem with expressing or accepting love.

Once of the easiest ways to balance and heal the heart is by being in nature, where the predominant color is green. This is also the vibratory color of the heart.

Mouth, Teeth, and Gums

If you are living “hand to mouth” it is likely that you may be suffering from gum disease, or other dental problems. Know that this will pass. The body sees money as a form of energy – a type of food or nourishment – and until your root chakra issues are resolved, which allow a free flow of all your physical needs – it is likely that you will suffer from dental complications.


The neck is often overlooked, but our fragile nervous system connects to the brain stem within the neck and throat. This part of our body contains the “reptilian brain,” the lowest part of the brain stem, and thought to be the oldest area of the brain. It governs much of our subconscious mind – when it is out of energetic balance we will find we get a sore throat, cough often, become overly verbose or lack the gumption to express our true feelings, or even start to lose our breath.

The thyroid, parathyroid, trachea (windpipe that allows air to move in and out of the lungs), as well as our pharyngeal plexus are also contained within this area of the body.

This is the area which houses our “voice” and ideals, as described in the ancient Vedas. The throat chakra, or vishudda can become over or under stimulated causing a host of physical and emotional ailments. If this chakra is not balanced, we are incapable of honest communication. You can listen to the following Tibetan bowls which provide a vibration for healing the throat and neck.


If you suffer from achy joints or inflamed joints such as in arthritis it is likely that you have some resentment to work through. To heal aching joints, work on being more flexible. Go with the flow. Forgive, and let go.

Feet and Legs

The feet and legs are associated with the major chakra, or root chakra, but the feet also have minor chakras within them that help us to ground to the energies of the earth. Walking on bare grass, dancing, or practicing self-massage of the feet can keep the energy channels open.

Signs of a blocked root chakra include feeling spacey, feeling disconnected form the earth or the physical body, leg cramps, feet cramps, restless leg syndrome, decreased circulation in the lower extremities, swollen feet, irritability, etc.

To help heal the root chakra, try to rise when the sun comes up and go to sleep when the sun goes down. You can also eat “rooting” foods like root vegetables, go on hikes outdoors, and connect with nature. 30 additional ways to heal the feet/root chakra can be found here.


The hands work with the heart chakra to help us get what we want – to actually reach out and grab it. They also transmit healing energy, and receive energetic information from the Universe. Problems with the hands could mean that you are not able to receive positive energy without attachment.

Sexual Organs

The first chakra not only governs our ability to meet our most basic needs like shelter, and food, but it also governs our sexual energy. If you have blocked energy here, it can present as sexual dysfunction, infertility, etc.

To remedy this issue, focus on grounding to the earth, and finding a connection to the Mother-energy which Carl Jung called the archetype of the mature woman (which is within all of us, regardless of our gender, just as the mature man is within us, or the anima and animus respectively.)

These two functional complexes represent symmetrically the personality component of the opposite sex and, at the same time the image of the opposite sex. If we are disconnected from the earth, our feminine energy cannot express itself. Spend more time in nature, and let your bare feet, or bare body touch the dirt.

What other pains does your body express to try to get your attention, and encourage you to work through your deeper emotions? 

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