Sen. Richard Pan: Bashing Parents in Australia, Ignoring Problems in Sacramento

Senator Richard Pan of Sacramento, California is pledging his allegiance to big pharma again.

Instead of choosing to focus on Sacramento’s severe problems with drugs, violence, poisoned water and everything else, he is directing his opposition to vaccine choice all the way to the southern hemisphere.

He posted this on social media:

pan ran

The Vitamin K shot does injure people permanently. This screencap can give a person a little bit to research about it.

vitamin k

Here is the official black box warning for the Vitamin K shot.

black box

As we reported before, Cini Walker has been struggling for the right to choose what her vaccine injured son eats, because he is allergic to what the hospital is forcefully feeding him.

Then, Cini’s story became national news when she took her own son from the hospital in an attempt to stop him from being poisoned.

In Australia where she resides, there is a growing problem with involuntary treatment, and a major push for mandatory vaccination is underway.

As we exposed in the past, the Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull and his wife are deeply tied to pharmaceutical corporations and powers deeper than that. There is a battle for medical freedom raging in Australia, and of course when you try to use force against people to remove their right to choice, you get a backlash: in this case, it’s in the form of a vaccine choice movement that is booming in Australia.

Now for some reason, Richard Pan is trying to fight the medial choice activism all the way in Australia. He belittled Cini Walker and claimed her son was not in fact damaged by the Vitamin K shot. He personally bashed her on social media, essentially calling them extremists.

He posted an article from the Rupert Murdoch owned Daily Telegraph, a news organization that represents what extremism truly is.

In the past, the Daily Telegraph called vaccine choice activists “stupid,” and “terrorists.” Also recently, the Daily Telegraph suggested that it should be illegal to be a stay at home mother, and that parental rights should be abolished.

The Daily Telegraph and Richard Pan are both pushing the same agenda: removal of the right to choose what medical treatment a person receives, particularly when it comes to parental rights.

Richard Pan is of course personally responsible for an untold number of vaccine injuries in California, successfully passing the mandatory vaccination bill SB277, which mandated that California school children receive several vaccines to attend school.

He took it even further recently, with his bill SB18: it leans toward the state taking children from parents for choosing naturopathic medicine over pharmaceuticals, rejecting vaccines, or doing anything the state doesn’t approve of.

Now lets put this in perspective: Senator Richard Pan is supposed to represent Sacramento, California, and several places in Sacramento County.

As a resident of Sacramento for several years, I can personally tell you he ignores the problems of the city. He’s out there crusading against medical and parental rights, shouting all the way to Australia while his own city is destroyed by drugs and violence.

Sacramento is a city that has been completely decimated by drugs. A heroin epidemic, a methamphetamine epidemic, an epidemic of violence and poverty plagues the city and Pan doesn’t have a damn thing to say. People get shot almost every day in Sacramento.

Pan is touted as the first Asian American to represent Sacramento in the Senate, but he ignores the problems of his own Asian American community in Sacramento.

For example, many Asian American business owners and civilians are routinely targeted by criminals in South Sacramento, a dangerous part of the city. They are robbed and shot, and they are joining forces to try and defend themselves.

Then, mothers who form neighborhood watch groups get killed. Recently, an Asian American father and his two sons were murdered in their home during a robbery. They move to South Sacramento, the cheapest and most dangerous area of the city from places like China or the Philippines thinking they will be safe. They are nowhere near safe.

They would benefit from the California gun laws being loosened, something Richard Pan can do, so Asian American immigrants could more easily bear arms for self defense. Again from personal experience, the criminals in Sacramento have every type of gun you can imagine. It is not uncommon for people to shoot fully automatic weapons indiscriminately.

So here are 7 headlines about Asian Americans being targeted in Sacramento while Pan remains silent. Most of these are different incidents. The most recent one from April 2017 simply notes that the robberies, shootings, and crimes against Asians are continuing without end, rising actually:

20 people arrested in crimes targeting the Asian American community

Video highlights Sac crime trend targeting Asian Americans

Asian-Americans targeted by thieves in Sacramento

Sacramento Asian Americans Join Forces To Stop Criminals

Robberies in South Sacramento Continue As Asian Americans Targeted

Sacramento armed robbery spree again targets Asian Americans

Robberies targeting Asian Americans in south Sacramento on the rise

So let it be known that while Senator Richard Pan invests his time and focus in attacking medical freedom and parental rights all the way in Australia, his Asian American community is being constantly, viciously attacked right in his hometown where he is supposed to be helping.

These really aren’t isolated incidents: again from firsthand experience, in Sacramento crime is voracious. It will find you without you looking for any trouble: it is really not easy to not be targeted in Sacramento, especially if criminals have decided that your ethnicity makes you an easy target. It’s a city completely entrenched in drugs and crime.

Pan is one Senator whose financial ties are particularly obfuscated, so we don’t really know who exactly is paying him to have such a priority toward pushing mandatory vaccination. However, we’ll find out one day with persistence.

To close this article, watch this video of Richard Pan literally sprinting, running away from citizens angry about his law making vaccines mandatory for California school children. It inspired the hashtag #PanRan.

(Image credit: SacBee, Wiki, UG, SC, TB)