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Aligned Is The New Hustle – This Video Completely Redefines Success



The current definition of success goes something like this: Hustle hard. Sacrifice. Reach for the top. Push Harder. Don’t slow down. Keep your eye on the prize. Happiness is at the finish line.

The thing is, we know by now that even some the richest, most successful “hustlers” out there can end up depressed, burned out, full of anxiety, with no time to enjoy their lives, and without the satisfaction they believed their success would bring. So what’s wrong with this picture? What is it that we are missing? Is it time we re-define success?

The following video features Kosta Stoyanoff of Uplifted Life, who completely debunks the old story of success and replaces it with one that will resonate with the very core of your being. Are you ready to make the shift? Have you already?

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