The People You Hate Are Determined by How Intelligent You Are

Prejudice is as old as humanity itself. Every day we find our minds leaning to hating others for many reasons.

It is in our nature to be intolerant to those who are different than us. Past studies have shown us that the lower our intelligence, the more hateful we become to others. However, more recent studies say that no matter how smart we are, we are all meant to be prejudiced. The difference is in who we choose to dislike.

Recent studies suggest that less smart people tend to hate groups for characteristics that someone has no control of, such as race, gender, or sexual orientation.

The Research

Researchers Mark Brandt and Jarret Crawford say, “People dislike people who are different from them.” Insulting people who offer different worldly views can help those who maintain the surety of their own views.

Brandt and Crawford studied about 5,914 test subjects. They measured the cognitive ability of every volunteer by making them go through a word sum test, which gives us the intelligence quotient (I.Q.) of a human being. After that, they gave their subjects a series of questions to measure their attitudes towards stereotypes about certain groups.

There have been many hate groups born under a specific status. The lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgendered, racial minorities and the not so intelligent humans usually perceive groups as completely different from one another. They do not feel threatened by these other groups because they believe these others are distant from them.

People Who Hate Will Hate

People who are smarter might think of themselves as blessed. They casually believe that they are higher than a simpleton’s emotion such as hate. Unfortunately, the smart are no different and they have just as much hatred in their hearts as anyone else.

Those of higher intelligence show more hatred against high-choice groups. They might not show hatred towards a racial entity or gender, but they might hate you for buying a high-end computer instead of using the funds to go to school.

Researchers suggest that intelligent people “may become angry to groups that they believe should have the ability to change their minds.” Luckily, there are ways that have been proven to change the minds of people.

We all have the ability to hate, but that doesn’t make it right to use it. There is so much improvement that we could be doing to ourselves instead of haunting others. The key to solving all the hate is love.  Love will always be the answer. It doesn’t matter how smart you are, what ethnic group you are from, what gender you were born with or etc., you are a human being and worthy of love by anyone and everyone.

No one is better than you and you are no better than them. Until we figure out how to equip love in our lives, there will always be hate.

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