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Quantum Quirk: Experiment Proves What Happens in the Future Affects the Past



It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.” Lewis Carroll – Alice in Wonderland

Do you suppose that forgiving an enemy today or in the near future could affect the outcome of war, slavery, and hardship endured by our ancestors? It may seem outlandish, but the recent experiments of quantum scientists have proven that what happens in the future can affect the past.

Our entire reality is an abstraction, as proven recently by an experiment conducted in Australia, whereby particles in the past changed based upon their observation and measurement in the future. Until they were measured, their “reality” stayed flexible.

We’re all made of subatomic particles. For a simple explanation of the quantum world, you can watch the following clip where “Dr. Quantum” explains the famous double slit experiment.

As the double-slit experiment explains, the quantum world can be weird. Things don’t seem to follow normal logic. They can be two things at once – and many possibilities are present prior to observation.

Particles can even travel through “material” objects, like a ghost moving through walls. No wonder Einstein called the quantum world, “spooky.” Then Niels Bohr, a pioneer of quantum theory said, “If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet.”

This latest experiment, however, proves that at a subatomic level, time can go backwards. Lead researcher Andrew Truscott said in a press release that physicists have proven that “reality does not exist if you are not looking at it.”

Only recently light was captured in a photograph in the state of being both a particle and a wave simultaneously.

Subatomic light wave/particle

Subatomic light wave/particle

Utilizing other quantum theories scientists have determined that a subatomic particle can also exist in more than one place at a time as well. This term is dubbed “non-locality.”

These findings are confirmation; however, of some of the greatest paradoxes of ancient wisdom – that what we do in this time and space in which we live and “exist” in material form, affects all other time and space.

The crazy world of non-locality.

The crazy world of non-locality.

This is the preface behind distance healing, and other odd phenomenon that we are just starting to wrap our brains around collectively.

Beyond the Cartesian duality, where God is separate from mind and mind is separate from matter, God works in and through matter, as consciousness.

Paul Davies, a British-born mathematical physicist who’s now Professor of Physics and Natural Philosophy at the University of Adelaide says,

I find it very hard to accept that our existence in the world is something that just happens to be. It seems to me that the fact that the universe is self-aware is something that’s written into the laws of nature. We are here as part of the action and not just for the ride.”

If these quantum experiments are correct we could rewrite our own history, and change future outcomes at the same time. Imagine the worlds we could create! Alice’s wonderland just got ever more interesting.

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